10 Big Attractions to Visit on Your Queensland Adventure

Recently, Karen Holmes encouraged us to get out there and
explore Queensland’s Big Icons on her three week adventure around
Queensland as the Cruisin’ Ultimate Travel Reporter. Inspired by her
travels, we have come up with our pick of Queensland’s top 10 ‘Big
‘icons. Turn your motorhome holiday into a Big adventure and go in search of iconic Australian landmarks today!

The Big Pineapple

Nestled in the town of Woombye, you will discover The Big
Pineapple, one of Queensland’s most iconic sights. At 12 metres tall,
this landmark is impossible to miss and is home to a tourist theme park
offering information about the tropical fruit industry. Walk to the top
of The Big Pineapple for spectacular views!

The Big Easel

In the small but charming country town of Emerald you will
stumble across Van Gogh’s largest sunflower painting standing at a
height of 25 metres and made from approximately 13.6 tonnes of steel.
The impressive easel is located in Morton Park; a great place for a

The Big Gumboot

Australia’s largest gumboot can be found in Far North
Queensland in the town of Tully. The gumboot is 7.9 metres high and was
awarded to Tully for being the wettest town in Australia. Venture up the
spiral staircase to the viewing platform where you will come across
spectacular views of the sugar mill. Don’t forget to take an umbrella!

The Big Mango

The Big Mango recently attracted a host of attention after
it was mysteriously stolen from its home in Bowen. But, never fear the
Mango was returned and now the three storey high fruit is back in its
rightful place and a must see on your quest to discover all things Big.

The Big Cassowary

Australia’s biggest Cassowary can be found on Mission Beach
in the untouched world heritage listed rainforest area and is a tribute
to the endangered bird species. The cassowary is part of a shopping
complex and stands at 5 metres high.

The Big Carpet Snake

If you suffer from Ophidiophobia, or fear of snakes, we
suggest staying clear of Plantation Park in Ayr. Here you will stumble
across Gubulla Munda Totem, otherwise known as a carpet snake. This 60
metre carpet snake is the Aboriginal totem and the protective spirit of
the Birri Gubba people.

The Big Cane Toad

Approximately 34 kilometres south of the city of Mackay, you
will discover the Big Cane Toad in the town of Sarina. The toad
celebrates the areas rich cane farming history and is one metre by one
metre in size.

The Big Orange

Located just off well-worn Stuart Highway just moments from
the town of Berri you will find the Big Orange. This area is home to
fruit juice manufacturers and citrus orchards. Stop by and say hello to
Gay Dan, the orange festival man for another iconic ‘Big’ tourist snap.

The Big Pick & Shovel

Australia’s largest pick and shovel can be located in the
old mining town of Rubyvale in the gemfields region. Try your luck at
fossicking for sapphires with these giant tools!

The Big Mandarin

the citrus capital of Queensland you will get the chance to marvel at
the country’s largest mandarin at a height of 9 metres. This icon
doubles as the towns tourist centre so don’t forget to stock up on local
brochures while you’re there!

If you haven’t yet read Karen’s experience as the Cruisin’ Ultimate Travel Reporter you can find Part 1 here.

What’s your favourite Big Icon? Let us know at info@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au