With the year flying by Christmas will soon be just around
the corner and this year we’re proposing something slightly different
for the festivities! Enjoy a break from sitting around the dinner table
and hire a camper
over the Christmas period to experience turkey and Christmas cheer in
one of Australia’s iconic landscapes. Make the most of our 40% Off
Aussie Christmas Special and enjoy the holidays in the fresh open air
from the comfort of your motorhome or campervan.

1. Try Something Unique

Everyone has had their fair share of traipsing around
rellies houses, sharing presents and eating until they feel they can no
more. Experiencing Christmas in a motorhome
is something different and gives everyone in the family the chance to
enjoy a holiday season that they aren’t likely to forget. Pack up the
turkey and take it with you!

2. Stay in the One Place

Settle in your camp chair, stock up your fridge and enjoy
staying in the same place all day. Wherever you decide to pull up in
Australia the advantage of staying together in a motorhome is that you
can enjoy Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the one
convenient location.

3. Use a Real Christmas Tree this Year

This year let the kids open their presents underneath the
gum trees for an Aussie Christmas encounter for the family holiday
album. Park up in a destination of your choice and let Santa deliver the
goodies to the natural Australian environment.

4. Enjoy a Walk in the Fresh Air

Everyone enjoys a family walk after Christmas lunch. Make
the most of stunning coastal walks or a rugged outback stroll just out
of reach of your motorhome.

5. Share the Cheer with Fellow Campers

If you’re staying in a caravan park you won’t be the only
campers in attendance. Grab a bottle of wine and your leftovers and
enjoy them around a campfire with fellow campers. There’s nothing like
the Christmas Spirit to prompt lifelong friendships.

6. Enjoy a Christmas Treasure Hunt

This year let the kids find their presents amongst the
Aussie environment. Whether you’re camped up next to a beach, staying in
the middle of a city or smack bang in the middle of the outback, the
kids will love a good ol’ fashion Australian treasure hunt.

7. Family Bonding

Christmas is all about spending quality time with the family
and a motorhome hire Aussie Christmas will give you the chance to do
just that. Spend the day in the Great Outdoors carving the turkey and
cracking open the bon bons before retiring to the motorhome at night to
watch some of your favourite Christmas movies.

8. Choose Your Christmas Venue This Year

With so many families trying to figure out who will have
what where, Christmas can often be a stressful time of year for many.
This year it will be easy! All you have to do is pick a location, drive
there and start decorating your motorhome with Christmas cheer.

9. Mimimise the Cleaning

The advantage of celebrating Christmas in a motorhome is
that you can condense the mess to one convenient location! Enjoy your
Aussie Christmas feast at your outdoor table and chair setting and
easily clean up the mess at the end of the day giving you more time to

10. Enjoy an Economical Motorhome Getaway in Summer

Summer is the most popular time of the year to travel and
because of this hiring a motorhome or campervan can be costly compared
to other times of year. Travelling over Christmas gives you the unique
chance to save and make the most of an Australian summer.

Contact Cruisin’ on 1300 664 485 or email info@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au to get a quote and make a booking today. Start planning your Aussie Christmas adventure!