5 Australian Delights for Your Cruisin’ Christmas Adventure

Welcome to
Australia, home to some of the world’s most flavoursome Christmas
delights! Enjoy a little December festive indulgence this year. But,
what should you try while you’re here? Read below to find out our top 5
Christmas delicacies to sample while you’re on the road enjoying a
summer Australian Christmas in your Cruisin’ motorhome.

1. Seafood


With over
25,000 kilometres of coastline it’s not a wonder that Australia is home
to some of the best seafood on the globe. Whether you’re sipping on
fresh oysters on a clear summer day or enjoying mouth-watering locally
sourced abalone; Australia’s fruits of the sea will not disappoint. For a
truly spectacular seafood encounter, we recommend paying a visit to
Tasmania where you will be overwhelmed with the quality of the produce
sourced straight from the pristine waters that surround the island.

2. Christmas Damper

To experience an outback tradition that originated way back in the 19th
century, don’t miss some Aussie Christmas Damper. Make your own or
source it from one of Australia’s more traditional eateries. Shape it in
a wreath or star to stay in line with the Christmas spirit and enjoy it
with golden syrup or jam – yum!

3. Pavlova

A Christmas celebration Down Under is un-Australian without the good old fashioned Pavlova, colloquially referred to
as ‘Pav’.  This meringue-based dessert can be purchased at bakeries
around the country and is best enjoyed with cream and fresh fruit! The
dessert was named after the Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova when she
visited Australia in the 1920s. Don’t miss it!

4. Berries

strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, gooseberries: summer is a
fruit-lovers dream in Australia. Before the big festivities, collect a
bag of berries straight from the farm gate or purchase some from a local
corner store or delicatessen. They make a perfect post-Christmas  treat
and aren’t too heavy! Stock up your motorhome fridge and you’re ready
for the festivities on the 25th.

5. Mince Pies

A British
tradition stolen by Australia, mincemeat fruit pies are a must try on
your Christmas escape.  Whether you purchase them from your local
supermarket or a specialist baker, you simply can’t experience an
Australian Christmas without these traditional pies.