5 Reasons You Should Travel with Friends

We all like to break free from routine and escape with our friends. Whether it’s just a mini-break or a full-fledged whirlwind adventure, a camper is the perfect option for getting away with those that make you laugh. Here are 5 reasons you should plan an escape with your friends today. After all, there’s nothing quite like Aussie mateship!

1. You’ll have a real adventure

Pack your bags and prepare yourselves for the on-road adventure of a lifetime. The advantage of travelling with your closest friends means
that you’ll get to spend quality time together while encountering an exhilarating self-drive escape. Explore unique corners of Australia for the first time with your best mate by your side. You can choose to go wherever you desire; the sky is the limit. 

2. Reminisce under the stars

There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire sharing old stories amongst friends. The best part about travelling in a camper is that you can choose your overnight destination. So, pick yourself a nice patch of wilderness under the starry night sky and share a bottle of wine or a carton of beer around the campfire. Without any neighbours to shut the party down, you can reminisce all night long.

3. You’ll take that much-needed break

Have you been craving time to unwind and forget the burdens of day to day existence? Then a camper adventure is your remedy. As you burn along the coastal highway with the ocean just out of reach, all your cares will slip away leaving you ready to unwind together.

4. You have common interests

Whether it’s surfing, fishing or shopping, it’s likely you and your friends share a wealth of common interests. A camper escape allows you to try a range of different activities that will suit everyone!

5. It’s an affordable escape

By the time you’ve split all the bills, travelling in a camper is an extremely affordable holiday! Hire a large motorhome to cater to you all and sit around the television at night. You’ll be in good company all holiday long and your bank balance won’t suffer!

Who are you going to travel with this year?