5 Tips for Healthy Living on the Road

Enjoying a motorhome hire holiday in Australia doesn’t mean that your healthy lifestyle has to go straight out the window. The advantage of travelling in a camper is that you have everything you need with you to prepare and cook the country’s finest fresh produce and an abundance of creative exercise activities in the great outdoors to get your heart pumping. Here are our top 5 tips to make sure you maintain your healthy lifestyle while you’re out enjoying the magnificent sights and experiences that the Land Down Under has on offer.

Dine in more often than you dine out

Often it may be tempting to grab a burger on the go so you can get to your next destination half an hour earlier; we know fast food is the more appealing option on long distance journeys. Instead of eating on the run, turn your holiday meals into organic paddock to plate experiences. Purchase fresh local produce from the nearest farm gate, stock up your fridge with prime seafood and enjoy a dining experience in a destination of your choice. Eat by the beach, set up camp in the centre of the outback or simply choose a scenic spot by the side of the road. Having a ready-to-go kitchen means that you have the advantage of maintaining your healthy eating regime while simultaneously sampling Australia’s finest produce.

Turn your daily exercise routine into an adventure

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to do away with your daily walk. Be creative and combine your daily adventures with your exercise routine. Hike up a mountain, kayak down a river or simply walk around the city. Australia is bursting at the seams with adventure and outdoor activities to cater to all fitness levels. Get out there and explore!

Choose healthy establishments when you eat out

We know you’re on a long-awaited holiday and deserve to enjoy the finer culinary pleasure in life! When you dine out choose a healthy establishment with plenty of organic and nutritious options. Australia is home to some of the finest restaurants on the globe with most able to cater to specific dietary requirements. If you can’t find somewhere to your liking, don’t worry about it. We all need to indulge from time to time!

Take regular breaks on the road

Australia, famous for its long coastal roads, is the ultimate road-trippers dream. While on the road, stop and take regular breaks whether it is just for a
quick stretch or a cup of tea at your dining table. When you’re travelling with someone else, take turns driving. If you’re feeling tired but haven’t yet reached your destination, it may be worth recalculating your travel plan and stopping somewhere closer overnight. The advantage of hiring a motorhome gives you the freedom to be flexible and adjust your travel plans to suit your needs.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated while you’re driving will help you feel more alert and encourages you to stop for breaks. Keep some fresh water in the fridge so it is easily accessible.

 What are your tips for healthy living? Let us know at info@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au