5 Ways to Enjoy Valentines Day in Your Camper

Photo Credit: Jesse Hisco Photography 

Establish the mood
lighting and pop open the bubbly! Valentines Day is rolling around again and
it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in some alone time with your significant
other. Here’s how you can make the most of your camper to enjoy a
once-in-a-lifetime romantic event.

1. Choose your venue for the night (anywhere with a view will do!)

Skip the fancy restaurant or cinema this year and prepare yourselves for
the best Valentines Day yet. We recommend pulling up somewhere by the water with a prime
view of nature’s best. Set up your outdoor table and chairs, purchase some
candles and enjoy the ultimate scenic dining experience all to
yourselves. There’s nothing more romantic! Photo Credit: Jesse Hisco Photography 


2. Embark on a couple’s adventure

 Whether it is a bush-walk, scenic flight or exploring somewhere
you’ve never been before, travelling in a motorhome gives you the chance to
experience a real adventure together this Valentines Day. Take an unexpected
turn in the road or dip your feet into a local lake. The best way to enjoy an
adventure is to experience the thrills of it together. Photo Credit: Casey Eveleigh Photography 


3. Escape the holiday crowds

 This year you won’t have to share a restaurant with a handful of other
couples. Stay off the beaten track and enjoy 100% alone time together (well,
you may have to share with the local wildlife). Delight in the sound of silence. Photo Credit: Casey Eveleigh Photography 

4. Prepare fresh, local produce together

Travelling on road gives you prime access to some of the freshest produce available. Stop at the farm gate to buy the farmers special and create a mouth-watering feast for your romantic dinner together. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine on the way. Start with a cheese platter, throw in some oysters and enjoy! 

5. Watch the sun set over the horizon 

Don’t forget to pull up in time to watch the sun set on Valentines Day. Australia is renowned for its beautiful multi-coloured sunsets, the perfect chance to appreciate each other’s company in silence. Photo Credit: Sebastien Chaurin. 

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