8 Tips for Keeping the Youngsters Entertained on long journeys

Sometimes those long on-road journeys are unavoidable and
the only way to get to your destination of choice. We all know that kids
have a short attention span so here are some tips for keeping them
entertained while you’re on the road. Come prepared!

1. Pack audio stories

Audio books are great for entertaining the kids. Grab
their attention with one of their favourite stories and enjoy a couple
of hours of peace and quiet.

2. Bring out the iPad

If your kids are already more tech-savvy than you are,
they will know the ins and outs of working the ipad and its myriad of
child-friendly gaming options. Load up the iPad with games and movies
before you leave home. If you are travelling with more than one child,
allocate an agreed to time for each child to use the iPad during the
journey to avoid any back-seat squabbles.

3. Be prepared with their favourite snacks

Pack a bag of their favourite snacks to keep them happy while you’re burning along the highway.

4. Let them have the window seat

Staring out the window at the scenic landscapes passing by
is just as exhilarating as playing on the iPad and is a great chance to
teach your kids about Australia and its diverse landscapes. Before you
leave on your self-drive motorhome adventure in Australia, let them know
some of the key points along the way so  they develop an interest in
their surrounds.

5. Pause for breaks

It’s a good idea for everyone to have a break from driving
to stretch your legs and rejuvenate. Along most journeys you will come
across a park or picnic area ideal for letting the kids expend some
pent-up energy.

6. I spy with my little eye…

Eye spy is a fun game for all ages and a convenient means
to keep everyone concentrating and entertained at the same time. Pick
objects inside the motorhome to keep them interested.

7. Picture books

It’s difficult to read whilst travelling but picture books
are a great way of holding the kids attention while you’re in the
camper. Pack a couple of their favourites and put them on the seat next
to them before you leave.

8. Happy snaps

If they’re not too young, allowing them to take control of
the camera and take photos of their surrounds will delight their
creative minds. There’s plenty to capture in the camper as well as
Australia’s beautiful surrounds, passing by straight out the window.
Travelling by camper makes for a fun-filled family adventure. Contact our reservations staff today at reservations@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au to book your self-drive adventure.