9 reasons why a motorhome holiday is perfect for retirement

Have you recently retired from years of hard and dedicated work only to find that you’re suddenly twiddling your thumbs and wondering what’s next? Wonder no more! Hiring a motorhome is the ideal opportunity to take that holiday that you’ve been waiting for and gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to go wherever your heart desires. Here are our top 9 reasons why a motorhome escapade should be at the top of your retirement plans.

1. Try before you buy

At some point in life, most people start wondering what it would be like to pack up and enjoy the freedom of life in a camper. Buying a motorhome or campervan can sometimes seem like an overwhelming commitment that you might not yet be ready for! The advantage of hiring a motorhome means you can try before you buy, and see whether life on the open road really is for you.

2. Reward yourself for years of hard work

After years of keeping your nose to the grindstone, it’s finally time to take that holiday you deserve. Reward yourself for a lifetime of hard work by packing up and hiring a motorhome. Finally you can visit those destinations that you’ve been meaning to for years. Whether it is Queensland’s long coastal highway or the magical Great Ocean Road in Victoria, you now have the freedom to go wherever your heart desires.

3. Experience different models

The advantage of hiring a campervan or motorhome means that you can find the recreational vehicle (RV) that best suits your travelling needs. Start small and then work your way up to a larger vehicle to see what you like best. Maybe you’re after the spacious interior of a larger motorhome or simply looking for something to sleep in at night. All motorhomes have kitchens that make life on the road self-contained and convenient.

4. Encounter a whole new way of life

Sudden retirement can come as a shock to many and it’s good to have a plan ready to put into action! Planning a motorhome holiday will give you something to look forward to. You can design an itinerary that best suits you, whether it is a beach-side getaway or an  outback bush-bashing adventure. Whatever you decide, it is for certain that you will soon become acquainted with a whole new way of life.

5. Enjoy quality time with your family

Often, a hectic work schedule and strict routine means that we only get to spend precious few hours with the ones we love. A motorhome retirement adventure is the ideal way to reconnect with your spouse and gives you time to spend as much quality time with each other as you choose. You can experience Australia’s best destinations and attractions together without the distraction of everyday work life. Whether you’re driving in amicable silence or lost in conversation over a wine at your kitchen table, a motorhome adventure gives you that much-needed alone time.

6. Spend some of your hard earned money without breaking the budget

Compared to extensive international trips and a hotel lifestyle, hiring a motorhome is an economical way to explore the country. Spend your hard-earned money wisely and choose a camper that best fits your budget. Australia is jam-packed with activities for every budget and an abundance of caravan park accommodation costing just a quarter of the price of hotels.

7. Rediscover your taste-buds

Instead of shovelling down lunch in between meetings, life in a motorhome allows you ample time to become reacquainted with your taste buds. Australia is home to some of the world’s finest fresh produce and wine, which is easily accessible to you on the road. Pull over at farm gate markets and purchase local delights straight from the producer and visit your pick of the country’s finest restaurants. For the ultimate culinary experience, stock up your fridge with fresh seafood and enjoy it under the comfort of your outdoor awning – perfect!

8. Set your own pace of life

The flexibility and freedom of travelling in a motorhome means that you can go wherever you choose, whenever you choose to go.  Instead of planning your day around rigorous work hours, plan it to suit you. Perhaps you want to jump out of a plane or simply feel the sand between your toes. Eat whenever you choose, go wherever you want to go and enjoy living life at your own pace from now on in.

9. Make new friends for life

Out there on the great open road you won’t be the only one who has opted to spend their retirement in a motorhome. Sitting around a camp fire at a caravan park is a great place to meet new people and develop lifelong friendships. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself a new travel companion or two!
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