Australia’s Top Spring Activities & Destinations

Australian’s collectively sighed a breath of relief as
winter finally came to an end last month! Jackets and coats can now be
stored back in their cupboards and locals have started embracing the
warmer weather. Spring is one of the most beautiful times to visit the
country with flowers blooming in all shapes and colours. These
destinations and activities are simply a must during the Spring months
for anyone who wishes to fully embrace the vibrance of the season.

Tasmania’s brightly blooming gardens & landscapes


Tasmania is a delight to visit in the Spring months when
the skies are blue and blooming gardens are aplenty. The Spring Tulip
festival held at the Tasmanian Royal Botanic Gardens in Hobart is a
must-visit and showcases the season in all its colourful glory. Explore
the charming gardens at popular Port Arthur and simply appreciate the
diversity of flora on display as you drive throughout the state.

Sail through the Whitsundays

Spring comes blue skies and mild temperatures: the ideal sailing
conditions. Glide through the pristine waters of the tropical Whitsunday
islands for an experience you won’t forget. Get ready for a holiday
jam-packed with mesmerising sunsets, great 
snorkeling and diving and luxurious white-sand beaches.

Explore Kangaroo Island

the Spring, Kangaroo Island in South Australia becomes overrun with
unique wildflowers creating a colourful blanket over the landscape. As
you explore this unique Australian island you will have the chance to
pat the local wildlife and admire breathtaking views of the coast from
perfectly positioned vantage points. 

Attend the Spring Carnival in Melbourne

With the start of Spring comes the festive season for
racing in Melbourne. Here you will find locals and tourists alike
donning the latest-season fashion to flaunt at the race track. The
carnivals has a great atmosphere and gives you the chance to start your
Spring in style.

Enjoy a wine tour

is a great time to explore your pick of Australia’s wine regions.
Whether you are discovering the Hunter Valley in New South Wales or
visiting the prime estates of Maragaret River in Western Australia, the
green vines are sure to be a pleasant backdrop to your day out. Get
yourself a cheese platter and embrace your surrounds. 

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