Don’t forget these essential holiday items!

Campervan and motorhome rentals
come fully-equipped with most of the holiday essentials that you
require when exploring Australia. That said, everyone has different
requirements when it comes to holidaying and these items will make sure
that you have everything you need.

First Aid Kit 

No matter where you’re travelling, it’s always a good idea
to bring along the medical essentials for when you run into trouble.
You can make a first aid kit up yourselves or purchase a pre-packed kit
from a pharmacy or supermarket. Don’t forget to bring along some pain
killers, band-aides, bandages and anti-histamines. Most basic
medications are available over the counter on request at a local
chemist.  If you’re on regular prescription medication, make sure you
have packed these with you as often it can be hard to see a doctor when
you’re interstate or overseas.

Portable Ironing Board & Iron 

If you like your clothes freshly ironed before wearing
them, we recommend packing a small and portable ironing board and iron.
Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to put up with
wrinkly clothing! These can be purchased Australia-wide at outlets
including BigW, Target and K-Mart.

Basic Condiments 

Packing basic condiments means you won’t have the
inconvenience of buying them at your destination. Simply bring the
basics in small Tupperware containers to minimise your supermarket
shopping (and costs!) on arrival. Don’t forget: salt & pepper,
sauces and spreads.

Portable Clothes Line

Bringing along a portable clothes line will make drying
your clothes an easy process. It is also a great tool for drying off
bathers and tea towels. Portable clothes lines can be purchased from
camping equipment stores and have convenient suction pads at each end
that can be attached to the side of the motorhome. If you’re looking for
a last-minute, practical alternative, simply use a piece of string and
find somewhere to tie it.

Toilet Chemicals 

Although all motorhomes are supplied with a toilet
chemical starter kit, you will need more if you are out on a longer
hire. You can buy toilet chemicals at camping warehouses. Make sure you
stock up before heading to remote locations if you plan on using the

Dish Washing Detergent 

Bring along a bottle of detergent to use for washing up.
If you’re arriving by plane, don’t forget to pack your liquid items in
your check in luggage.
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