What will Holidaying in Australia look like in 2022?

If you watched a futuristic film two decades ago, 2022 was likely depicted having gravity suits, jet packs and hoverboards. While we haven’t exactly reached that milestone yet – why would we want to?   Travellers want different things today. Australian’s would like to see more, but in a slow-paced, scenic way. They want to experience nature and embrace new cultures because sustainability is at the forefront of our minds.

After the last two years, there is now an added longing for fresh air, security and practicality. We have a strong sense this is why campervan and motorhome holidays are on the cards for so many people in 2022.

So, what exactly does an Australian Holiday look like in 2022? Here are six predictions!



You’ll hear this term pop up a lot in 2022, so what exactly is slow travel? Slow travel is all about having authentic experiences and emotional connections to the destination. It’s when travellers choose to take a step back, embrace and connect with their destination.

In 2022, fewer people will be doing “See everything, do everything” trips – where we try and fit as much as possible in and showcase it all on social media. Trips will be less about rapidly ticking off a checklist and more about taking it all in, slowly.

Travellers in 2022 will aim to connect with locals, embrace cultures, indulge in foods and spend days leisurely strolling or lounging.  




More than ever, travellers want fresh air and to embrace nature as much as possible! The popularity of national parks, farmers markets, beaches and other outdoor-based destinations are predicted to grow exponentially in 2022. People are busting to see and experience new things they’ve only ever seen on social media, like wildlife, flora and famous natural landmarks. 

The reason people are opting for a motorhome or campervan versus a hotel, is just that. Why spend the nights crammed into a square in the city when you can opt for a nature-based destination? The wilderness is quite literally at your doorstep in a motorhome holiday, and people are realising that more and more as each year goes by. 




According to Booking.com  85% of people surveyed have said the simple pleasure of feeling the sun on their skin would improve their mood.

Many of us have been feeling stuck metaphorically and physically for a long while now. In 2022, it will be all about embracing the small moments and simple pleasures.

From pre-preparing an epic road trip playlist to buying fairy lights and giving their campervan that special touch during the nights. It’s about savouring the small things – because they will feel like big things.

embracing every moment



For many people, the urge to help Australia get back on its feet is at the forefront of their minds.

There is also a sense of security being close to home and a particular sort of serotonin that comes with discovering new things in your own country or state. This fits nicely into the slow travel trend. Imagine camping your motorhome in the middle of the countryside, with no solid plans but to discover the surrounding region. Sounds nice, right!? The best part of holidaying locally is, when you fall in love with a place, you’re reassured you can holiday there again in no time at all.

exploring your own backyard



According to research by Expedia, The GOAT mindset is set to be 2022’s biggest travel trend.

They found that three in four (71%) Australians anticipate making their next holiday the greatest yet – a new style of travel, dubbed the “GOAT” mindset. Which is short for the Greatest Trip of All Time!

People want to make up for lost time by ditching their screens and going on the greatest ever holiday. This doesn’t mean ticking everything off the bucket list. It’s more so a desire to splurge on the best of the best (like the Cruisin’ 6 Berth Deluxe) and seek out new sensations, friends and foods along the way. 




Given the current and up and coming travel trends, it’s no surprise that 2022 might be the year you go on your very first motorhome holiday! The freedom and access to fresh air is second to none. A motorhome holiday is essentially a hotel on wheels – but it provides far more access to remote places.

The convenience of having not only your luggage but entire accommodation with you is now more desirable than ever in 2022! The days tend to feel longer on a motorhome holiday - knowing that after your adventures, you can sit back at your campsite and relax the night away in the open air.

Relaxing is so much fun when on a motorhome holiday! You can sit by an open fire, have a barbeque, enjoy a family games night – to name a few.

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