How to experience the ultimate Australia Day

Australia day (the 26th of January each year) is a national rite of passage where thousands of Aussies don the country’s flag and slap some meat on the barbie to show their patriotism. Here is how you can experience the ultimate Australia Day this summer: 

Get all your mates around for the celebrations

There’s no better excuse than Australia Day so call up your mates and their mates and prepare yourself for the celebrations! Make sure the eskies are full!

Use your favourite Aussie Slang 

If you were looking for an excuse to speak like the ultimate Aussie, today is the day. It wouldn’t be a true blue Australian celebration without “G’Day Mate” or “How’s it goin’ Cobba?” thrown around the room all day long. You have permission to unleash the hardcore Aussie we know you can be.


Get around the barbie

Whether you’re at the beach or in the backyard, the day wouldn’t be the same without slapping some meat on the barbie (BBQ). Don’t forget the tomato sauce!

Don’t forget to don the flag!

Drape the Aussie flag around your shoulders or tattoo it on your face – show your true patriotism!

Tune into Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown

Arguably one of the highlights of the day, Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown is the official Australia Day soundtrack. This Aussie rite of passage is touted as the world’s greatest music democracy and receives half a million votes each year. Get your votes in early and tune in from midday to find out what the country voted as their top 100 songs from 2015.

Enjoy a friendly game of beach or backyard cricket 

After you’ve indulged on an Aussie Day feast, get out the cricket bats and head to the beach for some fun with your mates. If there’s one thing that Aussie’s love, it’s a good fair game of sport. Alternatively, tune in to the Australian Tennis Open to watch the finals.

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