How to Plan Your 2015 Camper Holiday

There are
so many questions that arise when it comes to booking a camper holiday
that it can seem like an overwhelming task, for instance – when
should I visit? How long should I travel for? Who should I travel with?
Why should I choose a motorhome over other types of accommodation?

As experts in the field, have no fear, Cruisin’ is here and ready to
offer you some valuable advice to get you well on the way to planning
your motorhome hire holiday this year.  

When should I visit?

an extent, this question depends entirely on you and your travel needs,
annual leave approval and a number of other varying factors. Travelling
in Australia means that you have the option of going to a variety of
climates at any given time of year, allowing you the ultimate
flexibility and freedom to travel whenever you want. If you’re looking
to stay out of the extreme heat, avoid travelling to the tropical north
of the country over the summer months in December, January or February.
Alternatively, travel to more mild summer destinations including the
southern island of Tasmania. For more information on the best time of
year to visit Australia click

aspect of your holiday to consider is cost. Anyone looking for an
affordable holiday should make themselves aware of busy holiday periods
throughout the year including (but not limited to) school holidays,
public holidays, Easter, Christmas and the New Year period. Motorhome
rates fluctuate on a weekly basis, similar to airlines, and are at their
highest over these holiday peaks.

think about what you want to see and do. Is there a particular festival
or event that you are travelling to? Book your motorhome holiday around
this event and turn what could have simply been a weekend getaway into a
fun-fulled self-drive escapade in Australia. 

How long should I travel for?

average hirer will rent a motorhome for anywhere between 10 to 14 days.
And, of course, there are some opting for the Grey Nomad lifestyle and
hitting the road for months at a time. The best way to decide how long
you will travel for is to come up with a rough itinerary of the places
that you want to go. Research each place and see what there is to do
there and the average amount of time that visitors spend at that
particular destination.

Visit our planned itineraries here to see some of Australia’s more popular travel routes.

Who should I travel with?

great thing about hiring a camper is that there is something to suit
all group sizes. You have the flexibility to travel as a couple, group
or family. Our large campers are perfectly
equipped for group travel with privacy curtains and facilities catered to six people.

Why should I choose a motorhome over other accommodation?

in a motorhome gives you the ultimate free experience in Tasmania and
allows you to plan your holiday as you go. If you decide that you want
to visit your next destination earlier than you planned, you can simply
hit the road again. You’ll always have the best views travelling in the
motorhome as you can pull up wherever you like, whether it is right
beside the ocean or in the raw Australian wilderness. Another great
bonus is that there are no check in or check out times, so you can enjoy
a guilt-free, luxurious and well-deserved sleep in!

in a camper is also an extremely affordable option as you have your
accommodation and wheels in the same convenient place. If you have any
questions about planning for your camper holiday, don’t hesitate to
contact our friendly reservations staff on 1300 664 485.