How to travel on a budget in a Camper

Going on holiday doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a
small fortune. There are ways to make sure that you can still see and
do all you want without drastically impacting your budget’s bottom line
and here’s how:

Choose a campervan over a motorhome

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and are just
looking for a basic camping car with the essentials, hire the Cruisin’
Hi Top Campervan. This is the most economical hire option and has the
advantage of a kitchenette and spacious double bed. You’ll still get to
immerse yourself in Australia’s prime wilderness meaning you won’t have
to sacrifice.

Try a little free camping 

Free camping is exactly as it sounds – an overnight spot
where you can stay for free (unless you choose a free-camping site at a
caravan park). Although you need to connect your camper to 240 volt
power at least every second night, save a little money by only
connecting as you have to. This means you can get off-the-beaten-path
and enjoy a home for the night all to yourselves, preferably with a
spectacular view!

Dine in

Eating in is often much more affordable than going out to
dinner and can save you hundreds on your holiday. Visit the supermarket
before you hit the road to collect all you need to cook in the
motorhome. The camper kitchen has a two burner gas stove, microwave and
fridge for preparation and storage.

Weigh and measure your luggage 

Before you jump on that plane, make sure that you haven’t
gone above the luggage allowance. Weigh your bags before you walk out
the door and remove any unnecessary items to avoid paying expensive
extra kilograms. If you’re only taking carry on luggage it is also a
good idea to measure it to make sure it will fit within the overhead
storage compartments.

Arrange your own excursions rather than taking a tour 

Although tours are a great way to learn about the history
of a place, you do pay for the privilege. Organise your own excursions
to save on costs and research the destination on the internet
before-hand so you are still informed about the area you are visiting.

Drive toll-free 

Avoid toll roads on the mainland by taking an alternate
(and more scenic) route to your destination. It may take you slightly
longer, however you will still save on the toll charges in the long

Drink free water instead of bottled

Water in almost all parts of Australia is fine to drink
straight out of the tap. Fill up large drink bottles before you travel
and top them up with tap water as you go to avoid buying bottled water.

Purchase local wines & produce 

If you’re looking to sample delights of the area, buying
local wine and produce will save you mark-up costs. Purchase produce
straight from the farm-gate to source the finest produce Australia has
to offer and enjoy!
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