Last Minute Essential Check List for Splendour in the Grass

Australia’s most famous music festival is just over a week
away and it’s time to start thinking about packing the essentials to
avoid a last minute rush. While you’re at Splendour, you’ll have access
to limited supplies so be sure to pack the following necessities before
you go: 

Your Splendour Ticket, Identification & Car Pass 

the most obvious items are the ones that get left behind! Avoid chaos
on arrival by having your ticket, car pass and identification easily
accessible, either in a pocket of your wallet or separate travel folder.
Don’t forget that if you’re driving a camper to the festival you’ll
also need to show that you have a full and current drivers licence when
you pick up from the office. Passengers without a driver’s licence
travelling to Splendour must have valid identification including either a
Proof of Age Card or Passport in order to enter. 


you want to go without for the duration of the festival, don’t forget
to withdraw cash before you arrive. The festival doesn’t have ATM’s
onsite meaning it will be very difficult for you to access cash. That
said, many of the stores do have EFTPOS available. 

Basic first aide & essential medications 

Though there are great first aide facilities at the festival, it doesn’t
hurt to take a few of the essentials to make it quick and easy for you,
especially any medication that you rely on daily. Pack band-aides to
cover you in the event you get a cut or scratch. 

Snacks & Non-Perishable Foods

Splendour has a wealth of great eating options at the
festival but taking along some snacks will save you money and time spent
in line. Remember that although you have a fridge in your campervan,
the battery may not last the entire time if you’re not connected to
power so non-perishable foods are best.  

Decent Shoes

Shoes are an essential requirement of entry at Splendour
in the Grass Festival. Wearing shoes with a solid sole will ensure that
you avoid cuts and bruises and are covered in the event your feet are
trampled in the mosh pit. Gumboots are a great idea for those rainy

All weather clothing 

When it comes to Australia’s most popular music festival,
it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget practical
clothing options to cover you in the event of poor weather or rain
throughout the day. Don’t forget a jumper and a rain jacket. 

Solar powered phone charger 

If you plan of having your phone charged throughout the
festival, a solar powered phone charger may be your new best friend.
There are phone charging stations located around the festival but a
solar charger means that you can charge your phone when it suits you. If
you don’t have a solar charger, the next best thing is a car charger so
you can reboot your phone using the campervan. 


To avoid instances of tripping over your outdoor table and
chair setting or fellow campers, be sure to pack a torch. If you don’t
have a torch at hand, most phones have applications you can download
that function as a bright light, enough to guide you wherever you need
to go. 

Ear Plugs 

If you want 8 hours sleep in the middle of a music
festival, ear plugs are your saviour. Foam earplugs can be purchased
from selected pharmacies and convenience stores for less that $1 a pair,
so be sure to stock up and take some for your friends too. 
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