Staff Profile: Rosie at Head Office

What is your role at Cruisin’?

At Cruisin’ I have a split role, I am both the Content
Coordinator and Reservations Agent at our headquarters in Hobart. I love
writing about all things travel, have a background in journalism and
communications and adore seeing customer travel photos! I may also be
the person that you speak to when you pick up the phone and call our
reservations department and am always happy to provide travel advice and
suggestions! It’s great having a split role because it keeps it
interesting and there is nothing quite like the fast-paced,
ever-changing tourism & travel industry. It sure is an exciting
industry to be in. 

What is Your Favourite Travel Destination?

A few years ago I went backpacking around the world for a
year and it was truly an awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience
(especially sharing a 10 bed dorm room with snoring travellers!) Thanks
to this one year adventure and a trip here and there I have now visited
over 35 countries. Of these my absolute favourites (aside from the Land
Down Under!) would have to be China, Germany, Mexico, Vietnam and Peru. 

If I’m
being honest though, nothing quite beats a self-drive adventure in
Tasmania: it should be the shining gem on every travel bucket list! This
vibrant state has so much to offer in terms of nature, culture and food
and wine and is simply breathtaking! 

favourite destination in the state would have to be Freycinet National
Park on the stunning East Coast. Though the views at Wine Glass Bay
Lookout are widely publicized, nothing beats being there and
experiencing it yourself. I love to walk the Wineglass Bay and Hazards
Circuit track because you get to see raw and rugged wilderness as well
as unique Tasmanian wildlife. The nearby coastal town of Orford is one
of my favourites too as it was a popular holiday spot for my family
growing up and offers pristine beaches to enjoy all to yourself!

What’s your favourite part of travelling by camper?

I absolutely love the
freedom that comes with hiring a camper. I’ve travelled around Tasmania
in one of our Cruisin’ vans and couldn’t believe the new and magical
destinations available to pull up in! It really is different to
travelling in my car and there is something wonderful about having
everything you need right there with you and being able to enjoy a meal
with a spectacular backdrop. I love staying by the beach and listening
to the waves at night and then waking up to the sunrise. Of all the
types of travelling that I’ve done, this definitely offers the maximum
amount of freedom and sure does instill you with an addictive sense of wanderlust. I can’t wait to hit the road again this year to travel the Sunshine Coast from our Brisbane branch for two weeks! 

Do you have any tips for hirers?

If possible don’t
overplan your holiday (unless it’s busy peak season, of course!). Have a
rough guide of where you want to go but allow time to just enjoy the
freedom of being able to stay wherever you like and float from place to
place. Caravan parks are great for meeting other travellers and sharing
stories so be sure to include them in your loose itinerary. I also think
it’s a great idea to bring along your own entertainment at night if
you’re staying in Tasmania as reception can be famously poor. Lastly,
bring backpacks not suitcases as suitcases take up too much space and
are not practical in the camper! 

What is your dream travel destination?

Australia I would love to visit Byron Bay! My family has been there and
it sounds like a cool, laidback destination which is great for a break.
Overseas I would love to get back to Europe again as I find that this
continent has so much to offer in terms of culture and amazing

Lastly, what is the most unique experience you’ve had while travelling?

would have to say it was riding a water buffalo in Vietnam through the
mud! Having never witnessed this type of creature before it was daunting
yet exciting. What made it even weirder was the crazy farmer that had
me singing a Vietnamese song while we waded through the mud together!
Another wonderfully unique experience I had a few years ago was lying
side by side with sea lions on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.