Tips For the Perfect Summer Road Trip

Make regular coffee (and ice cream) stops

On long drives, it’s recommended you stop for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours. When it’s hot, tiredness can come on more suddenly. So, make rest stops something to look forward to by treating yourself to an iced coffee or research ahead of time, where the best ice cream might be!

From Jocks Ice Cream in Albert Park, Victoria to Gelocchio in Cairns – there are so many heavenly places to try all over the country! The trick is to research ahead of time.


Download a Fuel Map app

With Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year Celebrations – this time of year is always so expensive! Save where you can by downloading a petrol app like Fuel Map Australia – it will provide you with the most and least expensive fuel stations in your area.


Pack a Rain Jacket

Our summers are always unpredictable, so no matter what the weather app might say – always prepare for cold weather and rain! Tasmania for example, can be 30 degrees and by evening it’s down to 10.


Don’t forget your sun hat

Hats are often forgotten during the hustle & bustle of packing. Don’t underestimate the value of a wide brim hat! Avoid heat stroke and sunburnt scalps. Along with high grade sunglasses, they’re also a great driving accessory to help avoid that pesky sun hitting your eyes.


Pack a small & accessible essentials bag 

When on the road or spending the day adventuring, it is so important to have an easy-to-reach bag containing essential summer items. Do not forget to add these important things:

    • First Aid Kit
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
    • Pain Killers
    • Lip Balm
    • Deodorant
    • Sunglasses
    • Sandals


Take Metal Drink Bottles

It’s so important to pack a reliable refillable bottle when on holidays, even more-so in summer!  Skip the plastic waste and source some quality metal ones.

In terms of reusable bottles, a high-quality, stainless-steel one is the safest possible option.  Not only are they sustainable, and great for keeping drinks hot or cold – unlike plastic, they’re made of a non-toxic material. No nasty chemicals can sneak into your water!


Stock your freezer with icy poles

Australian summers don’t feel like Australian Summers until you’re lounging out the back with a Zooper Dooper. Get prepared for the heat and stock up on the favorite icy treat before you leave. That, alongside the motorhomes aircon are so refreshing on those hot afternoons at your campsite.


Bring Beach Towels

While Cruisin’ Campervans and Motorhomes come with bath towels for each guest, it’s always good to bring additional towels. They’re important for those all-important beach days and summer swims!


Clothes Drying Rope

There’s nothing worse than coming out of a warm shower to dry yourself with semi-damp towel. After a shower, arriving back from the beach or having just dried the dishes – a portable clothes drying rope will come in handy!

Save the expense, energy and hassle of finding a dryer and opt for this instead. With the beautiful Australian summer sun, they’ll be dry before you know it!


Love coffee?

If you’re a coffee addict, you’ll thank us later for this one… Be sure to purchase a cold brew box for your motorhome’s fridge!  Much like boxed wine, they usually come in cask & bag; they usually contain about 1.5 liters quality of coffee. You’ll have a cold iced coffee at your fingertips, anytime anywhere.


Prepare some road trip games

When most people think of road trip games, Eye Spy immediately comes to mind. Due to this, road trip games can be dangerously underrated – Eye Spy gets old, fast!

Why not try While You Were Sleeping – this hilarious game is best played on long drives, when someone falls asleep! Come up with a make-believe story together. When the sleeper wakes up, convince them the story you’ve compiled together is true!

Or Rule – where everyone in the car comes up with a silly rule like “if we spot a yellow car, everyone has to meow like a cat” – the last person to meow loses. Everyone except the last person to catch on gets a point. Whoever has the least number of points at the destination, loses!


And some games for the campsite

Nothing beats a summer afternoon games night with the family! There is plenty of overhead storage for games, so bring some family favorites or try and get your hands on some of these:

    • Greed – an addictive dice game that’s all about risk and chance
    • Jenga – the classic block stacking game
    • Uno – the classic pick up and put down game
    • Card’s Against Humanity – a hilarious and crude adult party game, also comes in family edition!
    • Sequence – An addictive skill game that’s a fun mix off Connect 4 & Checkers


Bring an Outdoor Rug

On warm summer days you’re bound to spend a lot of time outside of your motorhome, bathing in the sun, playing games, indulging on seafood and sipping on cold drinks!  It can be a great idea to invest in an outdoor mat – it will prevent muddy shoes, and even add a homey feel to your outdoor space.

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