Travel Hacks: 10 tips to save on your airfare this camper holiday

we had a huge response to our post on travel hacks for how to SAVE on
your motorhome hire holiday. This time we’re offering tips on how to
save on the cost of your flights. We know most of you are looking for
the best price on hire and airfares so follow our tips to save today.

1. Pick your purchase time wisely

We’ve all
had that experience where we’ve booked a flight the day before we travel
and are overwhelmed by the cost of it.  Avoid over-spending on your
airfare by booking approximately 2-3 months in advance when the best
rates are offered.

2. Sign up for regular alerts and specials

It can be
frustrating to receive daily emails from the same company but in this
case it is worth it. Find out about the best flight specials by checking
your email regularly.

3. Pay by direct deposit/PayPal

card charges can rack up during a booking and often a flight can end up
costing a lot more than you originally thought. Save these fees by
choosing to fly with airlines that offer a direct deposit option.

4. Avoid travelling over the weekend

Like the
rest of the population, you are probably looking to travel after you
finish work on a Friday or over the weekend. Take an extra day or two of
annual leave so you can travel mid-week and avoid paying more on peak
travel days.

5. Travel outside of peak seasons

Like all
accommodation, airlines take advantage of peak holiday seasons. If you
can, avoid travelling during those busy, busy times when the rest of
Australia has the same idea! If you can’t avoid travelling during  these
times then book early to avoid paying last-minute and having to fork
out a small fortune.

6. Use flight comparison sites to find the best deal

Don’t just
pick the first airfare you see as it may not be the best on offer! Use
flight comparison sights such as webjet or to compare
your options and choose the right one for you!

7. Avoid paying the extras

Do you
really need to purchase that extra leg room on a domestic flight? Just
pay for your fare alone to avoid throwing away extra cash on those
unnecessary up-sales.

8. Travel early in the morning

Often the
earliest flights are the cheapest because everyone likes their sleep in.
Book the early flight and enjoy a fresh start to the day before you
collect your camper.

9. Take carry on luggage

If you’re
only going to be travelling for a week, do you really need to check in
those 2 suitcases? Pack light and save paying the check in fee.

10.Bring your own food on board

Though not
technically part of the booking process, bringing your own food onboard
the longer flights is a great way to save on costs, especially if you
have to buy lunch for everyone in the family. Visit the supermarket
before you travel to save paying a premium.

That’s it from us today! What are your favourite holiday tips?