Travel Hacks: How to SAVE on Your Motorhome Holiday

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We know it
can be difficult for families to budget for the motorhome holiday of a
lifetime. Here are our top travel hacks to make sure that your money is
stretched to its maximum capacity on your family holiday this year. 

Check airfares regularly

motorhome prices, airfares fluctuate.  If you have flexibility, use
price comparison sites and wait until you find the best combination of
airfares and motorhome rates before you book. 

Pick your travel dates wisely

motorhome hire price structure works on seasonality, meaning it is more
expensive to travel over peak holiday periods. Travel in off-peak times
to avoid paying more on the rental rate, caravan park accommodation and
general attractions. Travelling outside of high season means that the
price is much lower, there is more availability and often you get to
enjoy Australia’s prime attractions and experiences all to yourself.

Buy your own groceries

Going out
for dinner every night can be an expensive pastime and not uncommon on a
family holiday. The advantage of travelling in a camper means you have
your very own on board kitchen and fridge, making it easy for you to
prepare a meal in the comfort of your home on wheels. Keep food in the
fridge for everyone to snack on throughout the day to avoid last minute
trips to the store.

Participate in free activities

Instead of
repetitively forking out a small fortune to go on an organised tour,
try the activities that cost you absolutely nothing.  Enjoy a family
walk, research the free attractions in your desired travel area or visit
attractions on days where there is a family/group discount. Australia
is home to so many great free activities that you won’t be missing out.

Avoid toll roads

Australia is famous for its toll roads. At times it is impossible to
avoid these, however wherever you can plan your route along the slower,
more scenic roads. This way the money will remain in your pocket and
you’ll get to see more of the country.

Take advantage of free camping sites

travelling in a motorhome does mean that you have to stay at a caravan
park every second night to charge the battery, alternate night free
camping is a great way to save money. Plan your trip in advance to
include both free and powered camp sites.

Stay centrally

Save on
the cost of parking by staying at a centrally located camp-site. This
way you can avoid taking the motorhome into the city centre and save on
public transport costs.

Monitor fuel prices

Fuel is
one of the major costs when considering motorhome hire. Keep an ear out
on the local radio station to get wind of the best rates in the area or
monitor online website rates to bag a bargain on fuel.

Pack smart

Creating a
detailed and organised packing check off list will make sure you don’t
have to make any unnecessary trips to the shop on your holiday – after
all, who wants to buy an item that you could have bought from home?

Avoid unnecessary fines

A few
simple measures will ensure that you can save on those unnecessary
parking/speeding/toll fines and the associated administration fees.
Simply drive to the limit, seek out free parking and pay all tolls
within the recommended timeframe to avoid paying extra on

What are your favourite travel hacks?