Travel Hacks: Save on Your Family Holiday

Planning for a family holiday can often be an expensive
exercise, especially by the time that you’ve factored in flights, camper
rental, caravan parks, food and tours for everyone! Save on this year’s
adventure by following these handy tips for paying less.

Research Your Travel Destination

Before you book a holiday, it pays to choose a destination
that does not greatly impact your budget’s bottom line. Choose a place
that’s not too far away from where you are located to save on travel.
Selected Australian destinations have popular travel periods due to
weather conditions, so factor this in and travel away from the crowds.

Avoid Travelling in Peak Season

Though school holidays can be a tempting time to go away if
you have a family, it’s not the most affordable time to travel with
rates high and availability low. If you have some room to move, avoid
booking holidays over peak season including Christmas, summer and school
holidays. This way you will save up to 50% on holiday attractions and

Book your Flights Wisely

Air-fares can be quite costly when travelling as a family or
group. Save on the cost of flights by booking your seats well in
advance of your holiday dates. This way you will avoid paying last
minute mark-ups. Some other tips for saving on flights include
travelling mid-week (away from weekend crowds) and choosing a budget

Avoid Tourist Traps

Everywhere you go there will be activities and tours jumping
out at you. Avoid tourist traps by seeking recommendations from locals
and visiting review sites. This will ensure you only pay for what you
are getting.

Visit the supermarket when you arrive

Dining out every night while you’re on holiday isn’t
uncommon and becomes an expensive venture, especially when kids are
involved. Once you collect your camper pay a visit to a local
supermarket where you can stock your on board fridge and cupboards full
of snacks and meals for your journey. All campers come with a kitchen
where you can prepare your own food and eat it as a family in the
comfort of your living area.

Pack Light

Packing light can save you hundreds of dollars on planes,
and means you have less to cram in the motorhome.  Just pack all the
basics and leave the bulk at home. It is likely that wherever you are
going has all the essentials if you forget something.

Travel with other families

Many caravan parks around Australia offer group discounts
meaning it might be more affordable for you to bring along some friends
as well. Not only will you save but the kids will have someone to play
with allowing you valuable adult time.

Return your motorhome to the same location

When planning your camper adventure, you can save hundreds
on relocation fees by returning to the same office location. Instead of
embarking on a one-way adventure, complete a scenic round trip.

Free camp every second night

All motorhome hire companies recommend that you connect to a
powered site at a caravan park at least every second night. Alternate
between free camping and powered sites to save every other night.

Restrict your purchases

Everyone deserves a treat or two on a family holiday but
drawing the line means you won’t go overboard on spending. Give each
child a specific amount to spend on holiday and let them learn valuable
skills about staying in budget.

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