What Motorhome Should You Choose For Your Cruisin’Australian Adventure?

Choosing the right motorhome can sometimes be tricky if you’ve never hired a camper before or are simply looking to try something new! With a range of layouts to select from, motorhomes cater to a variety of travel requirements and group sizes. Whether you’re hitting the road solo or bringing the youngsters along for a fully-fledged family adventure, we have a motorhome just for you!

If You’re Looking for a Budget Camper

Anyone on a tight budget and looking for a compact yet cosy motorhome to explore Australia with shouldn’t look past the 2-3 Berth Hi-Top Campervan. The Hi-Top is the most economical camper on the fleet, is easy to manoeuvre and comes fully equipped with an on board kitchen and all linen, cutlery and crockery provided!

The 2 Berth Hi-Top Campervan

If You’re Travelling with a Young Family

If you’re travelling with the littlies and require baby or booster seats, we highly recommend the 4 Berth Seeker or 6 Berth Discovery.
Each of these spacious motorhomes have anchor points, privacy curtains to segregate sleeping areas and on board televisions to keep the kids
entertained – slide a DVD in the player and enjoy some alone time in the evening!

The 6 Berth Discovery

If You’re Longing for a Romantic Adventure

The 2 Berth Sandpiper is ideal for anyone looking for a romantic getaway in some of Australia’s most intimate settings. This light, bright and airy motorhome is easy to drive, offers plenty of on board space and has a convenient walk through layout between the driver’s compartment and main cabin.

The 2 Berth Sandpiper

If You Want the Permanent Bed 

If you are seeking the convenience of a comfy permanent bed we highly recommend the 2 Berth Adventurer, 4 Berth Seeker or 6 Berth Discovery.  Jump straight from your bed into an adventure every morning without the worry of having to convert the bed back to a table!

If You’re Travelling with a Group of Friends 

Travel in a motorhome with friends and still enjoy your personal space with one of our 6 berth motorhomes.  With the added benefit of two privacy curtains, you can interact by day and segregate the living area at night. Enjoy the on board television, spacious and modern kitchen, comfortable beds and the chance to experience an unforgettable holiday with those you are closest to!

If You’re Looking for an Easy Layout

If you’re looking for a no-fuss interior layout that is easy to manoeuvre in the 2 Berth Sandpiper is the winner. This comfortable motorhome has a straight forward and open layout making it easy for you to walk from one end to the other. The bed is easy to access and all storage cupboards are in close reaching distance!

If it’s Your First Time Hiring a Motorhome

Many customers are apprehensive about driving one of the large motorhomes for the first time. What most don’t know is that all of our vehicles can be driven on a standard licence and are smooth and easy to drive once you get used to them. If you feel overwhelmed by the
larger vehicles and are looking to start small, try the Hi-Top, Sandpiper or Huntsman before branching out and experiencing one of the
larger appointments.

Don’t forget if you have any questions about the motorhomes or would like to receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485.

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