Campervan Itineraries Australia

Australia is big, with some of the longest highways in the world and a wealth of unique attractions. To inspire your sense of adventure, we have pieced together the best campervan itineraries this vast country has to offer. Cruisin’ Motorhomes has a branch in every itinerary’s starting point where you can pick up and drop off your vehicle.

Start in Brisbane

Brisbane Motorhome Itineraries

Make the most of Australia’s glorious climate by beginning your journey in the Queensland capital. Nestled in the southeast corner of the state, Brisbane is surrounded by fantastic road trip destinations. Using this laidback city as a launch pad, we’ve come up with a range of action-packed campervan itineraries for travellers to enjoy.

Start in Hobart

Tamanian Motorhome Itineraries

Bordered by beautiful national parks and the rugged Tasmanian coastline, Hobart is an ideal point of departure for relaxing road trips. We’ve taken into account Tasmania’s famously diverse climate, offering special winter and spring campervan itineraries.

Start in Sydney

Sydney Motorhome Itineraries

From short and sweet 7-day journeys to 3-week long round trips, we’ve created a selection of routes with varied timeframes in order to meet the needs of different travellers starting out in Sydney. No matter which Sydney campervan itinerary you end up choosing, be sure to factor in plenty of time for sightseeing in this lively city before you set off on your trip.

Start In Cairns

Cairns Motorhome Itineraries

Whether you enjoy long walks on beautiful beaches, nature walks through some of the best rainforests, or adrenaline adventures, Cairns has it for you. Make sure to take advantage of everything that Cairns has to offer with our specially designed itineraries.

Start In Melbourne

Whether you want to stay in the CBD and experience all the culture and history of Melbourne, taste some of Australia’s best wine, or view some fantastic coast-line views, our itineraries have you covered.