Cruisin Motorhomes Relocation Specials

Cruisin’s famous relocation have rolled around again and now is the time to travel from Hobart to Sydney & Brisbane for just $5 a day for 6/7 days. Cruisin’ pays for the Motorhome and one passenger to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry in an Ocean Recliner Seat allowing you the unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday worth over $1000 for just a fraction of the price!

All Cruisin’ relocation vehicles come included with a kitchen and linen kit as well as up to 2280 free kilometres.

Below you will see the list of current availability for upcoming relocation’s taking place from May to June. Please note, although pick up and drop off dates are flexible, Spirit of Tasmania sailing dates cannot be altered. Relocation bookings will only be accepted for a maximum of two passengers per vehicle.

For more information on our relocation deals visit our frequently asked questions here. Once a relocation is no longer available, a SOLD indicator will be marked in the booking.

To secure your relocation select the BOOK NOW link below or contact Cruisin’s friendly relocation staff at or call us directly on 1300 664 485. Once you have secured your reservation we will contact you to confirm the details of your trip on the Spirit of Tasmania. We can also add an extra passenger and upgrade your accommodation at the same time.

Hobart to Sydney One-Way Relocation Bookings

     Ref #  Pickup from Hobart Return to Sydney # of Days @ $5 per day Vehicle    Spirit of  Tasmania  
Sailing Date

Hobart to Brisbane One-Way Relocation Bookings

  Ref # Pickup from Hobart Return to Brisbane # of Days @ $5 per day Vehicle Spirit of Tasmania Sailing Date Status