About Australia

Be surprised by our wonderful country! Australia is the driest continent in the world and we agree that the outback is very dry and dramatic, however there is so much more to see.

Visit our tall rainforests growing along the eastern coastline, rolling plains stretching inland for miles supporting rich farmlands, condensed forest in the south-west corner which is hundreds of year’s old, broad rivers flowing through cattle country in the north, and experience winter in the south-east high country snowfields.

What’s more is that Australia has over 17,700 kilometres of ever changing coastline. The most impressive being the Great Barrier Reef running over 2,600 kilometres down the Queensland coast containing multitudes of coral reefs and supports a wide diversity of life.

The Great Dividing Range, or the Eastern Highlands, is Australia’s most substantial mountain range which runs parallel to the east coast. This is the third longest range in the world stretching for more than 3,500 kilometres over three of our country’s states.

Our natural wildlife is unmistakable and found nowhere else in the world. Consider the kangaroo, koala, wombat, platypus and echidna which all fascinate and are remarkable to those who get to experience their unique & quirky attributes.

New South Wales

The majority of New South Welshman live along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. This shoreline is one long holiday coast, a sequence of charming beaches, peaceful inlets and rocky headlands. Along the northern stretches of the coast, rivers flow swiftly down the rainforested slope from the..

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Northern Territory

The lifestyle and landscapes vary between the north and south of the state due to the amount of rainfall in each area. The hot monsoonal Top End is governed by the wet and dry seasons leaving it green and tropical fringing with warm turquoise seas. In contrast, are the deserts and outback of..

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Queensland Travel Information | Cruisin Motorhomes Somewhere in between steaming tropical rainforests and the Simpson Desert, Queensland is home to sparkling beaches & idyllic holiday destinations, forest-clad mountains and flat spinifex plains. More than half of Queensland’s peo..

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South Australia

Two thirds of this state is outback and can be easily forgotten when driving through the rolling green hills or the wide green grain fields. The huge empty, inland to the north is the Australia of red dune deserts blown by hot winds, rock hard salt pans, snakes and lizards, mulga and saltbus..

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Tasmania is very different to any other state of Australia. It does not have the intense heat or sunlight nor the flatness or red seen in the rest of the continent. Instead it is lush and compact in size compared to the vast, extreme distances seen on the mainland. The farmlands are fertile, sma..

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The southernmost state before crossing the Bass Strait to Tasmania, Victoria enjoys a fantastic blend of climate and scenery. Considered to have the nation’s best highway and rural road system, road users can be assured to have access to the remotest of regions. Victoria is framed ..

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This state is the largest of all the states in Australia and because of its vastness it has more climatic regions and differences than any other. The south-west, where most of the population live, has a Mediterranean climate of hot summers and wet winters; the Kimberley and the north-west ar..

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