10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Solo Campervan Adventure  

One of the best things about travelling alone is finding a new place, falling in love with it and staying there longer than you anticipated - because you can.  

The Unfathomable Freedom

When campervanning by yourself, there is no splitting or shouting.  All your spendings are yours alone.  Budgeting is easy!  

It's Easier On Your Wallet

When you travel solo, you don’t have to spend a single day of your precious annual leave doing something you don’t particularly want to do!  

Live The Dream, Every Day

When you solo travel, everything is on your terms - you start the day whenever and however you want! 

No Waiting or Wishing

Travelling independently in a campervan is a fantastic way to meet new, like-minded people.  

Meeting New Friends Is Easier

Another perk of being a single traveller is that last minute tickets, great seats and unique experiences are easier to come by! 

Easy Access to Last Minute Ticket

There is something so therapeutic about singing in the car, and you can do it tenfold when you’re by yourself.  

You’ll Have The Best Playlist Of All Time

Travelling alone will have you getting out of your comfort zone in ways you can’t imagine.  It won’t always be easy, but the lessons you learn along the way will be life-changing!  

You Will Build Confidence

When you’re doing a campervan holiday alone, there is no one else to fuss for or focus on.  Mornings are all about you, your coffee and the unknown adventures ahead! 

Mornings Hit Differently

You can hike at your own pace, spend more time with wildlife, and admire things usually unseen.  Solo travellers tend to see more, hear more and reflect more than when in a group setting. 

The Great Outdoors Is All Your