6 ways to be a more sustainably conscious traveller 

Tip 1

Shop and eat local 

Opt to get your produce from local farmers markets every few days. This is the best way to experience fresh food, support small businesses and eliminate plastic waste!  

Tip 2

Reuse, reuse, reuse! 

One of the most sustainable things you can do while holidaying on the road is to avoid plastic at all costs. Bring as many reusable products as you can. 

Tip 3

Embark on sustainable experience 

Sustainable experiences are abundant throughout the country; give yourself the challenge to visit as many as you can! 

Tip 4

Pay for your national parks pass & camp fee 

Passes and fees vary from state to state. The money paid goes towards maintaining the parks and their traditional reserves.

Tip 5

Become educated on your surrounding 

To best engage with locals and respect the land you’re on, educate yourself and your crew! Participate in tours and cultural experiences that are led by traditional owners.  

Tip 6

Leave like you were never there

Always recycle and dispose of waste appropriately – including fresh produce. Just because it’s food doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave in the wild or throw out the window.