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10 reasons why

motorhome travel is the best way to holiday

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You can settle in for the long-haul

No more packing and unpacking every few days!

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It gives you the ultimate access to nature

You’ll have extraordinary views and wildlife experiences.

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You can choose your setting

As you drive, look for the most scenic destination to pull up and enjoy. 

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Enjoy alfresco dining every day

Enjoy meals under the open sky, by the beach or in the Aussie outback. 

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Supporting local every step of the way

Visit local markets, national parks & small companies that will enrich your holiday. 

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Say farewell to the itinerary

Take the path less travelled by and enjoy the adventure that ensues. 

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Or, make an epic itinerary

There are two types of travellers and motorhome holidaying suits both! 

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Wheels and accommodation!

Instead of paying for a rental car and accommodation, travelling in a motorhome gives you both. 

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Photos will be larger-than-life

From animal encounters to scenic pit-stops, you’ll have an entire album of photos to print or post! 

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