5 Easy and Affordable Meals for Your Camper Adventure

These days, all campers come equipped with a kitchenette perfect for cooking an affordable dinner in style. Here are 5 easy meal  suggestions to prepare in your camping car, keeping in mind that you will have a fridge/freezer, gas stove, microwave, kettle and all cooking utensils with you during your holiday. Enjoy your home-cooked creations in the comfort of your living area or alfresco. Bon Appetit!

1. Pasta

If you're looking for an easy lunch or dinner option, look no further than your favourite pasta dish. It's not only quick and easy but a  family favourite too! All you have to do is find your pots from the cupboards, pour in the pasta, wait for the water to boil and mix in your favourite toppings. If you're looking to keep it really simple, buy ready-made sauce or be a bit more adventurous and combine fresh local ingredients to throw in the mix. Add a sprinkling of cheese and enjoy!

2. Bean Burritos

Burritos are another simple but flavoursome dinner option that are easy to prepare in your camper! Simply buy pre-packaged wraps from the supermarket, a can of re-fried beans and stop along the way at the farm gate to purchase fresh salads or veggies. Use your microwave to heat the burritos and beans, add your favourite fillings from the fridge and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with a view. Choose beans over protein to save on supermarket costs.

3. Bacon & Eggs

Everyone loves to treat themselves to bacon and eggs every so often and the campervan is fully-equipped to help you prepare this favourite Aussie breakfast dish. Grab your eggs and bacon from the fridge and fry them up in the provided pan. You may want to add tomato, mushrooms and a hash brown to make it the full English Breakfast camping encounter.

4. Vegetable Stir-fry

There's nothing easier than throwing together a stir-fry in a pan and serving it within 20 minutes. Before you hit the road, purchase a heap of fresh vegetables from the local market or supermarket, your protein of choice and some noodles or rice for good measure. If you want to save time, buy the microwavable rice in easy to store packets. Throw everything together and dinner will be served before you know it. If you can't eat it all, store it in the fridge and enjoy the following night.

5. Grilled Fish

Australia is home to arguably the world's finest seafood so don't miss out while you're on the road. Stop at the nearest punt to purchase fresh catch of the day and pan-fry it in your camper. Put together a salad using ingredients from your fridge and enjoy alfresco or at the comfort of your dining table.

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