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Be surprised by our wonderful country! Australia is the driest continent in the world and we agree that the outback is very dry and dramatic, however there is so much more to see.

Visit our tall rainforests growing along the eastern coastline, rolling plains stretching inland for miles supporting rich farmlands, condensed forest in the south-west corner which is hundreds of year’s old, broad rivers flowing through cattle country in the north, and experience winter in the south-east high country snowfields.

What’s more is that Australia has over 17,700 kilometres of ever changing coastline. The most impressive being the Great Barrier Reef running over 2,600 kilometres down the Queensland coast containing multitudes of coral reefs and supports a wide diversity of life.

The Great Dividing Range, or the Eastern Highlands, is Australia’s most substantial mountain range which runs parallel to the east coast. This is the third longest range in the world stretching for more than 3,500 kilometres over three of our country’s states.

Our natural wildlife is unmistakable and found nowhere else in the world. Consider the kangaroo, koala, wombat, platypus and echidna which all fascinate and are remarkable to those who get to experience their unique & quirky attributes.


Let our wonderful country surprise you with its natural beauty! As one of the driest continents in the world, Australia is known for its dramatic outback, but there’s so much more to this unique island nation. With eight states and territories, 17,000 kilometres of coastline, ancient forests, sprawling cities and vast mountain ranges, the road trip possibilities are endless.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes knows this vast country like the back of our hand, and we can offer practical travel advice to all kinds of tourists; whether you’re an Aussie or visiting from overseas, everything you need to know about driving a campervan in Australia can be found right here.

Driving in Australia

Driving conditions can change dramatically from one region to the next, but the ever-changing terrain is what makes Australia such a great destination for road trips. These are just some of the kinds of landscapes you can expect to encounter on the country’s roads:

Coastal Highways – The perimeter of Australia is paved with highways, providing easy access to beautiful beaches and charming seaside towns. Most major cities can be found on the coast, so the roads are kept in good condition to accommodate traffic, allowing for easy highway driving. Some parts of the highway are built a short distance from the ocean, but other sections sit right on the shoreline, presenting drivers with spectacular waterfront views.

Outback Roads – Whether you’re just a few hours from the city or right in the middle of the desert, some of the most magnificent scenery in the country can be found in the Australian outback. The environment is harsh but incredibly beautiful, and you can go for hours without seeing another car. Some outback roads are a little bumpy and dusty – see our Itineraries page to find routes that are suitable for campervans. And considering how isolated this part of Australia is, you should also read our Outback Travel Tips.

Mountain Roads – Australia’s mountains offer some of the best views in the country. Thanks to the mild climate, the majority of mountain roads remain open all year round, although a small number close during winter due to ice and snow. From the Great Dividing Range in the Eastern Highlands to Tasmania’s snowcapped peaks, the countryside is scattered with mountain ranges. Whether you want to leave your caravan at the bottom and hike to the top or enjoy a scenic drive, there’s no better way to see Australia.


Not only does Australia have beautiful landscapes and diverse driving conditions; it is also home to thousands of different species of native animals. Our natural wildlife is unmistakable and found nowhere else in the world. Consider the kangaroo, koala, wombat, platypus and echidna, with their unique and quirky attributes. Just be sure to keep an eye out for them on the road! Kangaroos are especially prone to jumping in front of moving vehicles.

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