7 Tips on how to pack for your Australian motorhome adventure

Most of the time, we are all guilty of the same crime:
over-packing. After all, at the time it is perfectly feasible to cram in
those extra shoes or the sentimental beach umbrella that you can’t
holiday without. Our 7 tips for packing for your motorhome adventure
will make sure that this year all the unnecessary bulk stays at home and
you have the freedom that comes with travelling lightly.

1. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

The first thing to remember about hiring a motorhome is that
the less you bring, the less you will have to store in the motorhome
and the more room you will have. The best way to avoid bringing
unnecessary clutter is to ask yourself, “do I really need to pack this?”
If the answer is no, you know what to do.

2. Pack a foldable bag, not a suitcase

Suitcases can often be heavy and bulky, taking up valuable
space in the motorhome. The advantage of packing a foldable bag or
backpack means that while you’re not using it, it will easily pack away
into one of the many storage facilities in your motorhome. If you’re
only travelling for a couple of weeks, this kind of bag will be more
than sufficient for your packing needs.

3. Read the weather report

If you’re travelling to Queensland in summer, it is likely
that you won’t need to pack five of your warmest jumpers. Knowing the
climate you are going to means that you can pack accordingly without
needing to take additional clothing that you won’t wear.

4. Only pack half

Most travellers pack double what they need for their
motorhome hire adventure. Take stock of everything you plan to bring and
then cut it down by half. This travellers tip will make sure you are
only bringing what you really need for your holiday.

5. Make a list

Start a list the week before you travel to ensure you don’t
forget the essentials. Keep it on your fridge and add to it as you
remember something new. Having a list of your travel requirements gives
you a structured system to work from and will ensure that you don’t
forget anything important. As you pack, check each item off the list.
For some ideas, check out our suggestions for what to bring.

6. Pack the heavy items at the bottom of your bag

Make the most of the space in your bag by packing all heavy
items at the bottom. Start with shoes, bulky jackets and jumpers. Pack
right into the corners of your bag to make the most of the space you

7. Roll, don’t fold!

Rolling your clothes is beneficial for two reasons. 1. It
doesn’t crease your clothes and 2. You will be able to fit more in your
bag. Roll everything that can possibly be rolled to create more space.
Rolled clothing will also be easy to store in the motorhome cupboards.

What are your favourite packing tips? Let us know at info@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au