Culinary Adventures On The Road: Motorhome Cooking Tips



Working The Fridge In Your Motorhome

When you're living on the road, your motorhome's fridge becomes your best friend. Understanding how it works to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold is crucial. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Give It Time To Chill: Just like you need a moment to unwind after setting up camp, your fridge needs time to cool down. Turn it on early, preferably before you stock up on groceries. This way, by the time you’re back with a load of food, your fridge will be ready.




Know Your Fridge: If you’re cruising in a Hi-Top, remember that your fridge needs a constant power source. All our other motorhomes come equipped with versatile 3-way fridges that can run on gas, 12V battery, or 240V mains.

This flexibility is perfect for different camping situations, whether you’re hooked up at a campsite or going off-grid.

In Case Of Fridge Fret, Call For Help: If your fridge is giving you the cold shoulder (and not in the way you want), don’t sweat it! Reach out to the roadside assistance team pronto (you’ll find their number on your keyring). They’re like the fridge whisperers and will help you sort out any issues, ensuring your motorhome adventure stays cool and collected.




Why Cooking In A Motorhome Rocks

Cooking in your motorhome comes with a bundle of benefits. Here’s why you should embrace the culinary adventure on wheels:

Economical Eats: Dining out daily can drain your wallet fast. Cooking in your motorhome means you can save your cash for more exciting adventures. Plus, who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal with a view?

Leftovers On The Go: Did you make too much food? Now you’ve got a ready-to-go lunch for the next day’s excursion!

Local Flavours, Fresh Tastes: Travelling in a motorhome allows you to explore local markets and indulge in regional specialties. From farm-fresh produce to artisanal cheeses, cooking on the road allows you to savour the local tastes in the comfort of your home on wheels.


Choosing Your Culinary Companion: Which Motorhome Should You Hire?

Selecting the right motorhome is like picking the perfect travel partner: it needs to align with your culinary aspirations and space requirements. Here’s what to consider:

Kitchen Size Matters: Think about how much cooking you plan to do. If you're a foodie who loves preparing elaborate meals, opt for a larger motorhome. These come with more kitchen facilities, ample ingredient storage, and plenty of prep space to whip up your favourite dishes.

Dine In Style, Inside Or Out: All of our larger motorhomes not only provide excellent kitchen spaces but also come with awnings, perfect for alfresco dining. Imagine sizzling up a storm and then stepping outside to eat under the open sky, without worrying about the sun's glare.

Hire Extra Comfort: Enhance your dining experience by hiring chairs and a table. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal surrounded by nature, making every bite a memorable part of your adventure.


Smart Shopping: Buying Food For Motorhome Cooking

Navigating grocery shopping for your motorhome journey is an art in itself. Here's how to master it:

Plan And Prioritise: Before hitting the supermarket, sketch out a meal plan. This will guide your shopping list, helping ensure you buy only what you need, avoiding waste and overstocking your storage space.

Scope Out Supermarkets: Use Google Maps to find nearby supermarkets with ample parking. Larger stores often have more selection and better prices, but make sure their parking lots are motorhome-friendly to avoid tight squeezes or low overhangs. Sometimes it’s best to park on a nearby street and walk over to avoid getting yourself stuck in a bind.

Bulk Buying Beware: It’s tempting to buy in bulk to save money and time in the long run, but remember, storage space is at a premium. Opt for buying fresh in smaller quantities to maximise space and reduce waste.

Bring The Basics From Home: To save on cost, bring your own dry goods like salt, sugar, and coffee. Pack some small containers or sealable bags as well, which are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Local Markets For Fresh Finds: Whenever possible, visit local farmers' markets. They're a goldmine for fresh, local produce and unique regional specialties that can inspire your motorhome meals.

The prices are also often kinder to your wallet!



Mastering The Motorhome Kitchen

Cooking in a motorhome is fun once you figure out where everything is and how stuff works. Here’s how to make the most of your kitchen:

Space-Saving Meal Prep: With limited counter space, plan your meal prep carefully. Think about what you can prepare in advance and how to use your space efficiently.

All The Appliances: Head over to our vehicle pages and get to know the appliances we’ve packed into your motorhome. Whether it’s a 2-burner stove in a Hi-Top or a grill set up in our larger models, understanding your tools will help you plan your meals effectively.




Fridge Size And Storage: Remember, fridge size varies. Hi-Tops have much smaller fridges and limited storage, so plan your meals and grocery shopping accordingly to avoid overstocking.

Simple And Savory: Opt for one-pot meals like stir-fries, risotto, or pasta dishes. These meals can be nutritious, delicious, and are easy to clean up.

Ventilation Is Vital: Cooking in a small space means dealing with steam. Always ensure proper ventilation by opening your windows.

Equip Your Kitchen: Our motorhomes come stocked with all the essentials, such as cutlery, a pot and a frying pan, glassware, spatula, potato peeler, can opener, knives, large glass bowl, cheese grater, electric jug, gas kettle, toaster, and chopping board. We’ve also supplied all the tea towels and liquid for washing up, as well as a dustpan and garbage bags for any messes.




Simple Meal Ideas to Savor in Your Motorhome

Cooking in a motorhome doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste or variety. Here are some simple yet delightful meal ideas to try out:

Skewers Galore: Whether it's seafood, chicken, or meat, skewers are easy to prepare, cook, and clean up. Pair them with a fresh salad for a light and tasty meal.

Local Platters: Explore local markets for cheeses and treats to create a platter brimming with local flavours. It’s a great way to sample the region's best without spending hours in the kitchen.




Home-Style Hamburgers: Source local meat to craft delicious hamburgers. They're easy to make and always a hit, whether you're dining alone or feeding a crowd.

Frittata Or Omelette: With a few basic ingredients, you can whip up a pan-fried frittata or an omelette, adding local veggies, cheese, and herbs to taste.

Grilled Halloumi Wraps: Perfect for a quick and satisfying meal, grilled halloumi wraps with fresh veggies make for a fantastic light lunch or dinner.




Managing Rubbish, Leftovers, And Greywater

Responsible travel means taking care of the environment as you go. Here’s how to manage waste efficiently in your motorhome:

Monitor Water Use: Keep an eye on your water levels and top up regularly. Running out of water can be a hassle, especially when you’re far from a refill station.

Avoid Drain Disasters: Use a strainer to catch food scraps. Preventing rice, pasta, and other small items from going down the drain keeps the plumbing clear, functional, and odour free.

Trust, But Verify: Don’t rely solely on your motorhome’s sensors for waste levels, food scraps sometimes get stuck to the sensors and create false readings. Still, regular checks can prevent unpleasant surprises and ensure everything is working smoothly.




It’s Time To Cook Up A Culinary Storm!

In the world of motorhome travel, your cooking skills can shine with a bit of prep and know-how. You're well on your way to becoming a motorhome cooking pro, ready to tackle the road and the stove with equal enthusiasm.

So, pack up your spices, prep your pantry, and get ready for a journey filled with culinary delights and tasty treats! Start your adventure today and call our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485 or check out our website to see the motorhomes we have available at our branches!

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