The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends at a Caravan Park

If you're open to it, travelling in a motorhome rental is perhaps one of the most successful ways to make lifelong friends whilst you're on holiday. There's a particular art form to opening yourself up for friendship at a caravan park and our guide will make sure that you don't miss out on the opportunity to make friendships that will last the test of time. Camp Fire Near a Campervan

Spend your free time in the communal areas

Most caravan parks have either a shared kitchen,living or BBQ area ideal for striking up conversation with fellow campers. Don't be shy and put yourself out there! A great way to start a conversation is by offering advice or help!

Stay at a small caravan park in a remote community 

Staying in the smaller caravan parks means that you're more likely to encounter other families, groups or couples as they will be right at your doorstep. Travellers are more likely to engage in conversation in a smaller, remote town where they feel more removed. Bond over your experiences and talk about your travel plans.

Start a camp fire and supply the marshmallows (where allowed)

If you're staying a camp ground where fires are permitted, you have been granted a license to make friends! On those chilly camping nights  everyone will gravitate towards the fire and most certainly the person supplying the marshmallows. Settle yourself in for a long night of conversation and bonding.

Bring out the group games

Before you embark on your big adventure, throw in a pack of cards or some group board games. Invite others to join in and break through any initial awkwardness with some good-natured competitive fun. Just remember not to get too competitive (you don't want to scare your new pals away!)

Visit family-friendly accommodation 

If you've got kids, choose caravan parks that have play equipment and child-friendly facilities. These caravan parks attract families meaning both you and your kids will meet new people.

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