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Coastal Charms And Outback Odysseys, Perth To Esperance And Kalgoorlie

From ancient forests to pristine white beaches and iconic red outback trails, this motorhome holiday will take you through Perth following some of the most beloved local destinations in Western Australia’s South-West and Great Southern regions.

This two-week road trip itinerary will take you through classic destinations, including but by no means limited to Margaret River, Esperance, and Kalgoorlie.

Pack your sunscreen because it’s time to discover some truly unique Aussie road trip destinations!

Activities On Your Perth road trip

Your Perth road trip is unique because you’ll traverse a range of coastal and outback terrains, so there’s plenty to see and do including:

  • Swimming and snorkelling at pristine white beaches
  • Hiking trails through bushland
  • Tasting local wines and seafood
  • Learning about the Gold Rush era
  • Exploring ancient caves
  • Seeing the iconic Pink Lake near Esperance
Coastal Charms And Outback Odysseys, Perth To Esperance And Kalgoorlie


Day 1
Distance : 332 Kms Time : 4 Hours

Pick up your motorhome hire in Perth early in the morning and hit the road right away! If you haven’t had breakfast yet, a fantastic stop is Bunbury. You’ll find plenty of local cafes, eateries, and more along the waterfront.

Enjoy your meal with great views of Koombana Bay, then pack yourself back into your motorhome and set off towards Busselton, home to the iconic Busselton Jetty. Stroll the 2km jetty into Geographe Bay, or try the unique train ride! The underwater observatory at the end of the jetty is well worth a look.

Spend your afternoon visiting some of the nearby towns and their attractions, such as the stunning limestone caves near Yallingup or the picture-perfect bays of Dunsborough!

Nearby you’ll discover Ngilgi Cave and Lake Cave. These spectacular caves have guided tours that will take you deep underground, where you can marvel at stunning rock formations, crystal-clear pools, and the otherworldly beauty of these natural wonders!

By the afternoon, you’ll arrive at Margaret River, renowned for its world-class wineries, stunning beaches, and lush rainforests. Margaret River offers a range of cafes, restaurants, and gourmet food producers that offer some of the region’s freshest produce and culinary delights for your lunch.

Treat yourself in the evening at one of the local restaurants, or head to the supermarket and get everything you’ll need for a home-cooked motorhome meal. This is an excellent time to stock up on all the basic food and supplies you’ll need throughout your trip.

Campsite recommendation: Margaret River Tourist Park

Day 2
Distance : 30 Kms Time : 35 Minutes

Relax in the morning because you’ve got a big afternoon of driving ahead! Have breakfast in your motorhome with a cosy cup of coffee, or check out of your campsite and try one of the local bakeries. Whilst you’re in town, you’ll find plenty of boutique shops, art galleries, and local markets where you won’t be able to resist a sneak peek at the unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, and cultural artworks.

Finish off your morning down at Surfers Point or Prevelly Beach, some of the most iconic surf spots in the area. Stroll along the sandy shores and watch in awe as the surfers tackle the waves in the distance.

Now you’re off to visit Eagles Heritage, one of Australia’s largest bird-of-prey sanctuaries, for some up-close encounters with gorgeous birds, including eagles, hawks, falcons and owls! Join the guided animal encounter, hike the native forest trails around the bushland sanctuary, and support local conservation efforts with your ticket purchase.

Round off the day with a trip to at least one of the region’s acclaimed wineries, such as Leeuwin Estate, Voyager Estate, or Cape Mentelle, which all offer various wine tastings and cellar-door experiences! Stock your fridge and cupboards with various baked pastries, artisan cheeses, and seasonal fruits.

Campsite recommendation: Margaret River Tourist Park

Day 3
Distance : 195 Kms Time : 2 Hours 40 Minutes

It’s time to get back on the road with a leisurely drive along the gorgeous Caves Road! Start your day early and follow the winding road through towering forests, picturesque vineyards, and rolling hills. If you didn’t already have breakfast, or are keen on an early lunch, this is a fantastic place to stop and feast on the local goodies you collected yesterday.

When you’re ready, it’s time for the next leg of your Perth road trip! Set off towards Pemberton by taking the Bussell Highway. Make your first stop in Augusta to visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, marvelling at where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet.

Depending on where else you stop along the way, you’ll arrive in Pemberton sometime in the early afternoon, which is a convenient time to check into your accommodation before heading off towards the Pemberton Tramway Company for a ride through the heart of the karri forest.

Afterwards, spend the afternoon scoping out the town, which has plenty of local shops, galleries, and cafes that are well worth a visit.

Campsite recommendation: Pemberton Caravan Park

Day 4
Distance : 194 Kms Time : 2 Hours 23 Minutes

We’re headed down towards the coastline now with a motorhome road trip to Denmark! Check out of your caravan park in Pemberton then set off down the South Western Highway.

Stop for brunch in Walpole, a quaint town surrounded by the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. Your first activity takes you to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, which is a thrilling walk amongst ancient tingle trees that’ll give you a unique perspective high above the forest floor. Alternatively, try the Ancient Empire Walk if you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Continue your journey to Denmark, arriving in the afternoon for check-in. There’s no shortage of things to do in Denmark if you want to keep exploring. You’ll find the Denmark Maze, Thrills Adventure Park, Wetlands Boardwalk, and plenty more attractions and activities!

Round off the evening with a wander over to nearby beaches, then head into town for a tasty meal.

Campsite recommendation: Big 4 Denmark Ocean Beach

Day 5
Distance : 102 Kms Time : 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Just a short trip up the road is Albany! Arrive early in the morning and feast at one of the local cosy cafes or eateries alongside scenic views of Princess Royal Harbour.

Begin your exploration of Albany by visiting the National ANZAC Centre, located in Albany’s Heritage Park. This award-winning museum offers an immersive experience with interactive exhibits, poignant displays, and personal stories. This is a great time to explore the Princess Royal Fortress, where you can wander through historic military barracks, gun emplacements, and tunnels.

If it’s still early in the day, then it’s time to set off towards Torndirrup National Park for an afternoon of adventure! Your first stop is the Albany Wind Farm, located on the rugged coastline that overlooks the Southern Ocean! Take a stroll along the coastal walking trails and marvel at the towering wind turbines – trust us, you’ll want your camera!

Work your way back to Torndirrup National Park from here. This rainforest features iconic attractions such as The Gap and Natural Bridge, where powerful waves have sculpted dramatic rock formations along the coastline! Spend your afternoon walking the trails, learning about the area’s whaling history, and marvelling at the blowholes.

It’s worth noting that Torndirrup National Park has a history of slip-related accidents, large waves, and gusting winds. When you’re near cliffs and water, exercise extra caution to avoid any incidents.

Return to Albany for the evening and take a moment to look up if the sky is clear. Albany’s dark skies provide excellent opportunities for stars and constellation viewing.

Campsite recommendation: BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park

Day 6 & 7
Distance : 219 Kms Time : 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Set off in the morning towards Bremer Bay, which is only 2 hours up the road but there’s no shortage of things to see on the way! The first area of interest will be Manypeaks, located near Cheynes Beach. You’ll find plenty of motorhome travellers in this area, which is a local hotspot for those seeking out the van life experience.

Check into your accommodation once you get to Bremer Bay. This area is one of the South West’s largest biodiversity hotspots and well worth exploring. You’ll be spoiled with white beaches on all sides, stunning lookouts, and colourful sea life. Spend the day snorkelling, diving, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach if that’s more your speed.

Bremer Canyon is one of the must-sees while you’re in the area. Join one of the local tour groups for an adventure – you may even catch sight of a killer whale! Most of these tours go for about 8 hours and leave early in the morning, so you’ll spend your second day in Bremer Bay out at sea.

Campsite recommendation: Bremer Bay Caravan Park

Day 8
Distance : 430 Kms Time : 5 Hours

After spending one final night in Bremer Bay, start the day with a hearty breakfast and fuel up for the day ahead! It’s time to head eastward towards Esperance.

Your first major stop is Ravensthorpe, where you can stretch your legs, grab a coffee, and explore local sights such as the Dance Cottage Museum, Railway Heritage Walk, Fitzgerald River National Park, and Hopetoun. If you’d like to split up your road trip, you can definitely spend a day in the area and continue to Esperance in the morning.

As you head eastward, you’ll experience rolling farmland transforming into those classic Australian coastal vistas! You’ll arrive in Esperance in the afternoon so, after a big day of driving, the best thing to do is check into your accommodation and head down to one of the local beaches.

With pristine sands and turquoise waters, Twilight Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the area. Take the time to unwind, soak up the sun, swim in clear waters, or wander.

If you’ve still got some energy, zip up to the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier) – which is just a short drive up the road. Whilst access is strictly limited, you can still enjoy views of the unique pink water from the various lookouts and viewing areas.

Spend your evening in Esperance’s town centre, with dinner at one of the local restaurants or eateries and sample fresh seafood accompanied by a glass of Western Australian wine or craft beer.

Campsite recommendation: Esperance Bay Holiday Park

Day 9
Distance : 134 Kms Time : 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Get ready for a jam-packed day of exploration! Your first destination is Cape Le Grand National Park, which is a stunning wilderness renowned for its pristine beaches, granite rock formations, and diverse wildlife.

Put on your hiking boots and make your way over to Frenchman Peak, which is a moderate hike that has panoramic views of the surrounding coastline and hinterland that are well worth it. From there, head down towards Lucky Bay for a picnic lunch by one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. Spend some time relaxing by the white sandy shores, swimming in the crystal clear waters, and taking plenty of pictures of the kangaroos that spend their days lazing on the sand.

Your next destination is Hellfire Bay, another picturesque destination within Cape Le Grand National Park. This leisurely stroll along the sandy shoreline will have you exploring rocky outcrops and secluded coastal gems.

After a full day of exploration, return to Esperance in the late afternoon. If you’re keen to relax, return to your motorhome and kick up your feet; otherwise, it’s on to the final attraction!

The Esperance Museum and Art Gallery is a great destination if you’re interested in local history and culture, and you can learn about the region’s maritime heritage, Indigenous history, and artistic community.

Campsite recommendation: Esperance Bay Holiday Park

Day 10
Distance : 391 Kms Time : 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Say goodbye to paradise beaches and sandy cliffs because you’re headed inland towards Kalgoorlie and the goldfields! Start with breakfast at a local café and ensure you have everything for the next leg of your Perth road trip.

Make your mid-morning stop in Norseman, where you can stretch your legs for an hour or two. You won’t want to miss the monstrous Lake Cowan, a sprawling salt lake that looks entirely out of this world. Some other things to discover include the history of Norseman the horse, tin camels, and Mount Jimerlana – which is known as one of the oldest geological sites in the world.

You’re travelling through the Great Western Woodlands, so there are plenty of National Parks and stunning natural attractions that you can see on your way up to Kalgoorlie if you’re keen on some detours. Some of the best things to see on your trip from Esperance to Kalgoorlie include Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn.

Otherwise, if you plan to go straight over, have an early lunch before you leave Norseman or buy some local snacks to keep you going until you reach Kalgoorlie.

You’ll likely arrive in the afternoon, depending on how many stops you made. Check into your accommodation at the end of the day and then head to one of the local pubs for a classic Aussie meal.

Campsite recommendation: Discovery Parks Kalgoorlie Goldfields

Day 11

Head straight for the Super Pit Lookout in the morning, which offers panoramic views of Australia’s largest open-pit gold mine and is one of the area’s best sights! Marvel at the sheer scale of the operation and spend your morning learning about the town’s rich mining history.

There’s more to see and learn, with the Goldfields Art Centre showcasing local and regional artists. Then head for Hannans North Tourist Mine, where you can experience life as a gold prospector during the gold rush era. See historic mining machinery, witness demonstrations of traditional mining techniques, and try your hand at gold panning!

Head back into town for lunch then you’re off to the Museum of the Goldfields to wrap up the history-themed day. Spend your afternoon relaxing at Hammond Park or the Kalgoorlie Arboretum and plan some additional activities if there are other things you’re keen to do. You can find local events or even catch a movie at the local cinema.

Campsite recommendation: Discovery Parks Kalgoorlie Goldfields

Day 12
Distance : 333 Kms Time : 3 Hours 30 Minutes

It’s time to start making your way back towards civilisation! But there’s no need to rush it. You still have a few days left on your motorhome hire in Perth so let’s make the most of it. This leg of your journey will showcase vast expanses of classic Aussie red earth, sparse vegetation, and wide open skies.

Start your day easy and check out of your holiday park with your sights set on Coolgardie. We’re following the Gold Pipe back. Stop at Mount Charlotte for a view of the picturesque surroundings – you’ll also get a great view of the pipeline. if you haven’t had your fill of history, you can explore the Goldfields Exhibition Museum and take a peek at the Warden’s Court when you get to Coolgardie.

Hop back in your motorhome and head up the highway towards Merredin. This will take you through Westonia, which is a delightful small town with its share of old worldly shops, lookouts, and its own working gold mine. Take your time exploring the Hood-Penn Museum, which offers a quirky form of entertainment.

Spend the afternoon exploring the area and planning for tomorrow. There are plenty of trails to explore and attractions that are well worth the detour on your way back to Perth.

Campsite recommendation: Merredin Tourist Park

Day 13
Distance : 262 Kms Time : 3 Hours

Leave Merridin in the morning and enjoy the scenic highway drive through the picturesque Wheatbelt region, with its golden grain fields, rolling hills, and rural landscapes.

You’ll find plenty of small towns to stop at on the way, and this is also a great opportunity to stretch your legs and soak in the outback atmosphere.

Depending on your tastes and who else is on board, you can spend the rest of the day in Swan Valley, a region known for its vineyards, boutique wineries, and gourmet food producers. Alternatively, if you’ve got some extra time up your sleeve, you can stop in at Caversham Wildlife Park or plan a trip to Perth Zoo. Check into your holiday park before you get too caught up!

At Perth Zoo, you’ll find plenty of zoo exhibits that showcase a wide variety of animals from around the world. Some of the highlights include the African Savannah, Asian Rainforest, Australian Bushwalk, and Penguin Plunge.

Campsite recommendation: BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park

Day 14
Distance : 390 Kms Time : 4 Hours 20 Minutes

It’s the final day of your Perth motorhome hire! Check out of your holiday park, making sure that you empty your motorhome’s tanks before you leave since this may be your last chance to do so.

Depending on the way you like to holiday, you can either take it easy with a day of shopping and exploration around the city, have a day trip to one of the nearby towns, or set off on one final adventure towards Rottnest Island.

If you’re choosing the day trip option, make the most of your motorhome hire with a trip to Lancelin! Dubbed as one of the best sandboarding destinations, it’s nothing like anything else you have seen on your Perth road trip so far. Spend a day on the dunes, walk the inland trails, and bury your toes in crisp white sand! There’s a stunning beach nearby as well with small waves that are ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to surf.

If you’ve never seen the Pinnacles in real life, now is your chance! These limestone structures date back 25,000+ years and have a mysterious, otherworldly vibe about them.

Now it’s time to head back to the city because the trip is at its end! Arrive in Perth in the afternoon, refuel your motorhome,  and make your way over to our branch for drop-off.

Packing tips for a Perth road trip

With lots of beaches, bush walks, and scenic spots there are a few key things you won’t want to forget! These include:

  • Beach towels
  • Swimwear
  • Beach entertainment (buckets, volleyball, cricket, etc)
  • Appropriate footwear (thongs for beaches, sneakers for walking)
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera/phone + chargers
  • Light backpack (to carry food + water bottle)
  • Personalised first aid kit (insect repellant, medications, band-aids, etc)
  • Mixture of clothing for different weather/activities

Feeling inspired for your own adventure? Then let’s start organising your motorhome holiday!


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