The driving distance between Australia’s capital cities or major towns could be greater than what you think. All measurements in Australia are metric, distances are kilometres and speed in kilometres per hour.The major roads and highways that join each state and territory are sealed and well maintained.

Cairns Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Broome Darwin
Brisbane 1706
Sydney 2404 920
Melbourne 2842 1701 876
Adelaide 2965 2044 1403 727
Perth 5257 4336 3938 3281 2555
Broome 4091 4663 5218 4993 4267 2237
Darwin 2852 3452 3979 3754 3028 4042 1873
Alice Springs 2419 2992 2774 2257 1531 3608 2737 1498


  • The distances are in kilometres and are based on the most direct route or main highway.
  • Some roads may include tolls if driving in the metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.
  • We suggest limit driving to a maximum of 200-400 kilometres per day for personal comfort and safety.

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