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Toll Roads in Australia

Whilst travelling in the metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, you may encounter a toll road. Tolls are the responsibility of the hirer and any that are unpaid will result in a fine and an administration fee.

These days, cash payments at a toll booth have been phased out, so if you have travelled through a toll the registration plate will be photographed and payment will need to be made within a few days. The easiest and most convenient way to pay for your toll is either over the phone or by pre-purchasing an electronic pass. Be sure not to let an unpaid toll spoil the memory of your motorhome holiday. Here’s how:

Pay Tolls Over the Phone

Before and after the toll point look for the dedicated phone number listed on road signs. It’s as simple as calling the number and quoting your credit card number over the phone. A receipt number will be given. Payment is required within 48 hours of passing through the toll. Credit Card Fees may apply.

Pay Tolls Online

Prior to and after travelling through the toll, you can pay for tolls online using a credit card. The vehicle registration number is required. Payment is required within 48 hours of passing through the toll.

Electronic Pass For Tolls

Purchase an electronic pass with a credit card. The registration number of the vehicle is required. The pass is generally valid for 30 days, however, can only be used for the specified city. If you are travelling to several cities, the E-Tag may be a better option.


This pass is not suitable for visitors to Australia as an Australian address is required. For Australian residents, you can purchase an E-Tag device which mounts to the windscreen of your vehicle. An account must be set up (fee may apply) and credit put onto the account using a credit card. When travelling through the toll, your account will be automatically deducted and signalled by a ‘beep’ from the E-Tag device.

Need More?

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