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Where to Stay During Your Campervan Holiday

With so many options to choose from, deciding where to stay on your campervan holiday is half the fun!

Can we use Caravan Parks for day and night stay?

Caravan parks, also known as tourist parks or holiday parks, are widespread across Australia; you can find one in just about any part of the country. Comfortable and convenient, they usually include facilities such as toilets, showers, camp kitchens, BBQ areas, laundries, game rooms, children’s playgrounds and rubbish dump points.

If you’re travelling on a budget, site fees in Australia are reasonably priced, although they vary between each caravan park. The booking process is relatively simple; when you arrive at a caravan park with your campervan or motorhome, you will be allocated either a powered or non-powered site, depending on availability and your own personal preferences. Most caravan parks also provide their guests with a map of the grounds to make finding essential facilities a little easier.

We recommend pre-booking your site well in advance, either online or over the phone. This is especially important if your trip coincides with school holidays or any long weekends. By booking accommodation ahead of time, you can stay in your first choice of caravan park at each of your planned stopovers.

In Australia, there are three major chains of caravan parks as well as a myriad of independent operators. For more information regarding caravan parks and their locations, get in touch with one of these major chains:

  • BIG4 Holiday Parks –
  • Discovery Holiday Parks –
  • Family Parks –

Once you’ve got your accommodation sorted, our Travel Info page features plenty of helpful tips to help you plan a self-driven adventure in Australia.

Can We Camp in National Parks & Reserves?

Regardless of your age or fitness levels, there are many different ways to access and enjoy the natural beauty of one of over 500 national parks in Australia. Special protections apply to national parks due to their unspoilt landscapes and diverse plants and wildlife. Tourists can visit these places and enjoy learning about Australia’s unique environment, heritage and culture.

Camping options are available in most of Australia’s national parks. Some sites are powered, although it’s not uncommon for remote bushland areas to have limited or no facilities. Basic camping ground facilities usually include toilets, showers, BBQ areas, power and tap water.

Do We Require Passes or Permits to Enter the National Parks?

Whether you’re visiting during the day or staying overnight, some national parks charge an entry fee (generally those with high volumes of visitors) to raise funds for maintaining roads, facilities and other kinds of infrastructure projects. This money may also be put towards conserving threatened species and their natural habitats. Passes and permits can vary between vehicle passes, camping fees and annual passes, and it is up to you to obtain the correct kind of visitor pass for your intended stay.

Just as caravan parks tend to fill up quickly during school holidays and long weekends, so can national parks, so we recommend pre-purchasing your pass and permits well in advance. For more information about Australia’s National Parks and purchasing passes and permits in different states and territories, visit the following websites:

  • Queensland –
  • New South Wales –
  • Victoria –
  • Tasmania –
  • South Australia –
  • Northern Territory –
  • Western Australia –