15 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Camper

  1. How Often Should I Stay at a Caravan Park?

Cruisin’ recommends that you connect to a 240 volt powered outlet at a caravan park at least every second night. In addition to charging the battery, you must connect to a powered outlet to operate the power points, microwave and heater/air-conditioner on board your motorhome. All motorhomes and campervans come equipped with a 15 amp extension lead to plug in to the powered outlet and a tap to fill your fresh water tank and gives you access to a range of convenient park facilities.

 A powered camp site in Australia will cost approximately $30 – $40 a night (depending on season).

  1. Can I Drive Motorhomes Without a Heavy Vehicle License?

Yes, you can drive our campervans and motorhomes on your full car class driver’s license. Please note you are not eligible if you have a learners or a provisional license

  1. Can I Rent a Motorhome with My International License?

As long as you have a license that is in an English format you can hire a motorhome without applying for an international license. If you do not have an English format license you will have to apply for an international/English format license prior to picking up your rental from the depot.

  1. How Do I Pay for Tolls?

We do suggest customers set up a toll pass prior to leaving the branch with Linkt . It is best to do a Sydney toll pass as this covers all toll roads in Aus. Any unpaid toll notices issued to Cruisin Motorhomes directly from the toll company are paid by Cruisin Motorhomes. As per our terms and conditions you will be charged a $55 administration fee for any unpaid toll notice which has been issued to the vehicle, this also covers the unpaid toll notice amount.

  1. How Will I Know How to Operate the Motorhome?

On arrival at the depot our friendly staff will provide you with a 20-30 minute orientation of your rental, giving you the chance to ask as many questions as you like. Your vehicle is also equipped with a Vehicle User Manual and Audio Visual Guide providing step by step visual instructions of how everything works. Don’t forget our friendly staff are only a phone call away on toll free 1300 664 485.

  1. What Happens If I Get a Flat Tyre During My Hire?

All Cruisin’ motorhomes are equipped with a spare tyre and have access to 24 hour roadside assistance. No matter where you are in Australia Cruisin’ will have you up and running again at the soonest convenience!

  1. Where Can I Free Camp in Australia?

Depending on what state you are travelling in there are various restrictions on where you can and cannot free camp. Tasmania, for instance, is a free camping wonderland and allows you the unique opportunity to pull up on the side of the road and enjoy being immersed in the natural environment. Brisbane and Byron Bay in particular are stricter about roadside camping and free camping is forbidden outside of authorised camping grounds, so stick to caravan parks in built-up city areas! For further information contact your selected state’s council.

  1. How Old Are Your Motorhomes?

All Cruisin’ Motorhomes are latest model vehicles between the ages of 0-4 years old and come fully equipped with everything you need for an all-inclusive holiday.

  1. Do Motorhomes With Showers Have Hot Water?

Yes all motorhomes equipped with an on board shower have hot water. The hot water is operated via gas and allows you to have a relaxing hot shower in the comfort of your motorhome.

  1. Where Do We Sit in the Vehicle?

Most vehicles seat two people in the driver’s cabin. In the larger vehicles the remaining passengers are seated at the dinette located directly behind the main driver’s cabin. Baby seats must always be forward facing and attached to the anchor points.

  1. What is Included in My Cruisin’ Campervan?

All Cruisin’ vehicles come fully equipped with linen, towels, cutlery and crockery. On board all rentals you will also find a single gas burner, fridge, TV (with exception of the Hi-Tops), CD player and radio transmission.

  1. Do the Motorhomes have Tow Bars or Roof Racks?

No. Cruisin’ motorhomes and campervans are not equipped with tow bars or roof racks.

  1. Do Vehicles Come with Fuel and Gas?

Yes. All motorhomes and campervans are filled with fuel and gas when they leave the Cruisin’ depot. Renters must ensure that they return to the depot with a full fuel tank.

  1. How Old Do I Have to Be to Rent a Camper?

All renters must be between 21 and 79 years of age on a full license to rent a campervan or motorhome from Cruisin Motorhomes and GoCheap.

  1. Where Can I Rent a Cruisin Motorhome or Campervan in Australia?

Cruisin Motorhomes are located in 5 cities in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns & Hobart.

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