5 Tips for saving on fuel in Australia

no avoiding it: if you hire a camper or motorhome you’ll have to fill
it up with fuel at some point during your holiday. Here is how you can
avoid paying extra on fuel and monitor costs this holiday. 

1. Monitor fuel on MotorMouth and Compare the Market 

MotorMouth is
a convenient online tool for saving on fuel costs during your holiday.
All you have to do is click the city you are in and you can immediately
find the lowest and highest prices. Visit the site before you travel and
while you’re on the road to save. Compare the market is also a great online application and by simply entering the postcode you are currently in along with the the fuel 
type required,
you will find a list of all petrol stations in the area and the current
price of fuel. This site is highly recommended. 

2. Drive in a fuel-efficient way 

You can save fuel and
money by following a few simple driving tips including: not overusing
the vehicle’s brakes, looking after the camper’s tyres, miminising
vehicle use, driving smoothly and driving in the right gear. Use the
air-conditioning only as needed and minimise fuel wasted in idling. 

3. Plan your route before you go 

Planning out your holiday route on Google Maps is a great
way to find the shortest and most economical route for getting from
point A to B. This avoids instances of getting lost and
using unnecessary mileage. 

4. Use credit card and docket reward programs

Selected credit card providers offer reward programs that
you can use to purchase petrol gift cards. Reduce your fuel budget by
capitalising on this reward. Also, hold on to your supermarket shopping
dockets to save on fuel at selected suppliers. 

5. Use cruise control

Those hiring a larger motorhome will have cruise control
in the vehicle. Use this mode during long trips to
avoid unnecessary accelerating and fuel. 
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