Discovering Tasmania's Hidden Gems: Small Towns To Visit On Your Motorhome Adventure

Tasmania is a haven for road trippers, with its winding roads leading through diverse landscapes—from lush rainforests and rugged mountains to serene beaches and rolling countryside.

That’s right, today we’re talking all about a road trip in Tasmania! So buckle in because every small town in Tasmania offers a unique slice of the island’s heritage and natural beauty.




Richmond: A Glimpse Into The Past

Just a short drive from Hobart, Richmond is a historical hub with well-preserved Georgian architecture. You can easily park your motorhome on one of the side streets and go for a morning stroll through the town while you’re here.

Some of the unmissable attractions include the Richmond Bridge, which is the oldest stone bridge in Australia, and the quaint Richmond Gaol, offering a peek into colonial history. The town is also perfect for picking up unique Tasmanian crafts and antiques.



Stanley, Sean Scott Photography


Stanley: Coastal Charm & Colonial Legacy

Hidden on the northwest coast, Stanley’s biggest claim to fame is the Nut! This large volcanic rock formation completely dominates the landscape. Trust us when we say that it’s well worth exploring! Go ahead and climb or take the chairlift up the Nut for panoramic views of the Bass Strait.

Stanley is also rich in colonial history, with various beautifully preserved buildings. On top of that, the town offers excellent seafood! After a day of adventure and hiking, be sure to sample the local menus at any of the fantastic waterfront restaurants.



West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tourism Australia


Strahan: Gateway To Wilderness

Located on the west coast, Strahan is a must-visit for nature lovers. This town serves as the gateway to the stunning Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. From here, you can embark on river cruises, scenic flights, or railway journeys that will take you through dense rainforests and remote landscapes!

The town itself is incredibly charming, with several artisan shops and cafes that are perfect for a leisurely afternoon adventure.



Clarendon Arms, Alastair Bett


Evandale: Sunday Markets & Historic Streets

Evandale hosts one of Tasmania’s best Sunday markets, ideal for stocking up on local produce, handmade crafts, and unique artwork—all perfect additions to any motorhome journey.

When you're done, take some time to wander the town, find charming cafes, take in the 19th-century buildings, and stop by the Clarendon House for a glimpse into Tasmanian gentry life with its elegant gardens and grand architecture.



Ross Bakery, Alastair Bett


Ross: Convict History & Artisan Bread

Ross is famous for its convict-built bridge, intricate carvings, and the Ross Female Factory, a former female convict site.

This small town is a step back into Tasmania’s convict past, but it’s also forward-thinking and known for its traditional methods and delicious bread and pastries. If you’re hungry or on the hunt for an authentic treat, the Ross Village Bakery is unmissable!



Cygnet Folk Festival, Tourism Tasmania & Steven Pearce Photography


Cygnet: Artistic Souls & Organic Produce

Cygnet, a little hidden Tassie town in the Huon Valley, is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and lush orchards. It’s also a gathering place for artists, musicians, and organic food enthusiasts.

The local markets and music festivals ensure a lively atmosphere, and the surrounding apple orchards offer the freshest apple cider, which is a must-try on your visit.




Making The Most Of Your Motorhome Trip

While exploring these towns:

  • Take advantage of local campgrounds and designated motorhome parks.
  • Check local travel centres for updated information on attractions and motorhome facilities.
  • Engage with local communities—they’re a treasure trove of stories and tips.


Tasmania Is Perfect For Motorhome Travellers

Tasmania’s small towns are bustling with history, local flavours, and community warmth, making them ideal motorhome destinations. Whether you’re after historical insights, natural wonders, or artistic inspiration, Tasmania’s towns welcome all who journey through their streets.

What’s your first destination in Tasmania? Don’t forget to let us know your favourite spots on social media! Start your adventure today by calling our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485 or check out our website to see the motorhomes we have available at our branches!

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