Our Cruisin’ Tips for a Hassle Free, Fun Filled Relocation

Cruisin’ Motorhomes would like to thank Paula for her great trip summary! Over to you Paula…

TIP 1: Plan a rough itinerary before you leave home – this enables you to get to see as much as possible & so that you’re not having to cover areas you’ve already seen

TIP 2: Pack some CD’s, DVD’s & games – Radio & TV coverage can be a bit random in certain areas

We’ve never watched the TV coz we’ve been too busy
discussing our adventures but I took the Scrabble & Chess set &
we played both of these on some evenings

TIP 3: Insurance – We’ve had 3 wonderful holidays
with these guys & each time we’ve chosen the “Hassle Free” Insurance
as it includes a GPS, gas bottle (you don’t have to refill during your
trip), outdoor table & chairs – take note if you choose lesser
insurance you will need a larger security deposit … also bare in mind
insurance does not cover the top of the motorhome so extra care needs to be taken with light poles, tree’s etc. especially when you are choosing a parking area & reversing

Liability Reduction

Accident Liability

Security Deposit

Daily Rate

Hassle Free Pack


$300 (imprint)


Liability Reduction – Option 2, GPS, pre-purchase gas, outdoor table
& chairs (chairs per person), baby or booster seat (if required)

Option 2


$300 (imprint)


Option 1


$2500 (debited)







TIP 4: Arrive early – If you’re flying in to collect
your rental make sure you book early morning flights so you can get on
the road ASAP to start your adventure as if it’s your first trip it
takes a little while to be given all the instructions about operating
all the fixtures. We flew from Adelaide to Melbourne @ the crack of dawn to catch an early flight to Hobart. Arrived in Hobart @ 9.55am, short cab trip straight to the Cruisin’ depot @ 3 Runway Place, Cambridge, TASMANIA, Ph: 1300 664 485 or email:reservations@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au.

Tip 5: Check the vehicle, the additions & the fuel level
You’ll do a walk around with a Cruisin’ staff member to check for any
damage done by prior renters, I always just verify them as sometimes
they’re not marked specifically on the sheet that you need to sign,
they’ll add or alter upon your request – no drama’s at all, just for
your own peace of mind. 
If you’ve got the “Hassle Free” make sure the GPS & table & chairs are already in the vehicle. 

Tip 6: Get your groceries – We
always look out for a supermarket & stock up with filtered water
(for drinking & boiling the kettle), milk, coffee/tea, sugar,
breakfast goodies (bacon & eggs, cereal) bread & nibbles &
extra toilet paper, packet of freezer bags (easy to store leftovers in
the fridge & for scraps of rubbish), & some paper towel for
quick clean ups (especially the floor, you’ll be in out all the time so
the paper towel makes it easy to wipe up those muddy shoe prints   –
this is so you can enjoy the scenery & if you find a really nice
spot to park for the night you’re all set to enjoy your first evening
& first morning. The
van has always had dishwashing detergent, cloths, tea towels &
towels (check the cupboards, they’ll be in there waiting for you
you like an alcoholic bevvy in the evenings stop at a bottle shop &
grab your choice – a nice port during the colder months is a good way
to wind down, or if you’re not on a budget treat yourself to a bottle of
Drambuie “liquid honey to warm your heart”

Tip 6: Fuel – Keep
an eye out for cheap fuel prices as they can vary greatly, keep topping
up after you’re below ½ then you get the good prices & don’t have
to worry about how far the next station is if fuel is getting low – we
forgot once & were out in the “whoop whoop” NSW when the fuel light
came on, got the old heart rate going … phew, didn’t let the diesel get
that low again!

Tip 7: Information Centres – Keep
an eye out for these especially when in Tassie, they are a fantastic
source of travel info & have really great souvenirs’ & gifts –
*check the prices they can vary quite a bit depending on where you are –
we met some lovely staff of all ages who gave us tips on what to see in
the area including the prices where applicable

Tip 8: Have your camera ready at all times – the scenery changes at every corner & you won’t want to miss a thing!

Tip 9: Keep warm – If
you’re travelling in the cooler months & not due for a caravan park
”charge up” for the night, put the car heater on in the late afternoon
on recycle mode to warm up the van for the night

Tip 10: Returning the motorhome L Stay @ a caravan park the night before
& recharge, fill up the water tanks & toilet receptacle (some
vans have just the one, some have a separate one for the toilet), if
you’ve moved any items which are part of the rental, return them to the
cupboards/drawers that they were originally in, this all makes for a
quick drop-off when returning the vehicle

Pack all your bags, making
sure you check all the cupboards & power points (especially if
you’ve used phone or computer chargers, & the lighter charger in the
vehicle cab, coz I took my phone car charger as well which is great coz
you won’t run out if not charging @ a park)

Empty the toilet waste in the
morning just in case you need to use it during the night coz it’s too
cold outside or you’re too far from the parks amenities – plan to visit
public toilets after this so that it’s still empty when you return the

Do a last fill of the water tanks if you need to

Head for a service station to top up the fuel close to the Cruisin’ depot

Final Tip: Park
somewhere convenient (near a bin is good) clean the van so it’s ready
for the next lucky travellers (don’t forget the fridge, especially if
you’ve stocked up with goodies to take home like the delicious cheeses
from Ashgrove! or lagers from Cascade! or the fudge from Anvers!)

Hope this is helpful, happy, easy, safe travels … I can’t wait to go”Cruisin’” again!!!

Paula Thomas – Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA