9 Reasons Travelling By Camper is a Unique Experience

Photo Credit: Damian Summers

There’s just something special about having a home on wheels while you explore the very best Australia has to offer. Travelling by camper is a unique experience allowing prime access to the Great Outdoors. Here are 9 reasons why travelling in a motorhome is the most unique way to enjoy a holiday:

1. It gives you ultimate access to nature 

Image waking among the gum trees, right at the heart of the Aussie wilderness. When you travel in a camper you can do just that. Rise among the wildflowers or by the beach: go wherever your heart desires.

2. You can settle in for the long-haul 

Unlike changing rooms every few nights, when you travel in a motorhome you can settle in and unpack your belongings. By the end of the trip you will feel well-rested and ready to return to your routine with renewed enthusiasm.

3. You can choose your setting 

Whether you want to wake to a city-skyline or water-views, you can have it all travelling by camper. As you drive along, look for the most scenic destination to pull up and enjoy. Stay a night or three, the choice is yours.

4. Say farewell to the itinerary 

If you’re the kind of traveller that enjoys throwing caution to the wind and getting off the beaten path, a motorhome adventure is perfect for you. You don’t need an itinerary, simply take the path less travelled by and enjoy the adventure that ensues.

5. Drive in the opposite direction of the tourists 

Often when you go on holiday it is impossible to escape the tourist hordes. Instead of following the tourist trail, you can go in the opposite direction and drink in the peace and quiet of the open road. Australia is big enough to give you all the space you need to rejuvenate. There is room for everyone!

6. Enjoy alfresco dining every night 

The dining experience when you travel by camper is markedly different to all else. You’ll be travelling with everything you need to prepare Australia’s fresh, local produce including a gas stove, fridge and microwave. Once you have thrown together the perfect camping meal, enjoy it outside under the open sky, by the beach or in the heart of the Aussie outback.

7. Spend quality time with like-minded travellers 

Some of the best friendships have been made around the campfire at a caravan park. As you journey around Australia, you are likely to make unique friendships that will last the test of time.

8. Have your wheels and accommodation all in the same package 

Instead of having to pay for wheels and accommodation, travelling in a motorhome gives you both in a complete package. After you pull up for the night you can effortlessly transform the motorhome into your accommodation for the night.

9. Enjoy quality time with the ones you love 

Travelling together in the camper gives you time to enjoy each others company. Take time each evening to reconnect in front of the TV, over dinner or when you’re lying in bed in the evening.

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