What is a relocation?

A relocation is where a passenger transfers our campervans and motorhomes from one Cruisin’ depot location to another. 

Where can I relocate from?

Relocations are currently available from our Cruisin' Brisbane branch and Cruisin' Sydney branch to our Cruisin' Hobart branch. 

Who are relocations best suited to?

Relocations are suitable for an individual or couple looking to experience a driving adventure in Australia. They are a great way to experience the country in a short amount of time.  

How many kilometres am I allowed?

Relocations from Hobart to Brisbane and Brisbane to Hobart are allowed a maximum of 2280 kilometres. Relocations from Hobart to Sydney and Sydney to Hobart are allowed a maximum of 1350 kilometres. These kilometres have been calculated by our drivers and accurately document the distance between each location. Any additional kilometres will be charged at $0.30 per kilometre. This will be charged on return at the Hobart office.

What insurance will I pay?

For all relocations, travellers must provide a security deposit of $1000 up front on arrival at the Cruisin’ Office. A  non-refundable merchant fee will apply. As the hirer, you are also liable up to $1000 dollars of damage. If you would like to avoid paying this bond/liability, you can upgrade to our reduction option as seen below;

Reduction Option: You pay $39 a day and Cruisin’ takes a credit card imprint of $300. You are liable up to $300.

Who pays for the Spirit of Tasmania (boat)?

Cruisin’ covers the cost of the motorhome to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry as well as one passenger. Those travelling during the day (bookings with a day pass are marked on the availability sheet) will travel on a day pass ticket and those travelling overnight will travel in an Ocean Recliner Seat. 

An additional passenger can be added to the Spirit of Tasmania booking, however you must cover the cost of this second passenger. On booking your relocation, please inform Cruisin’ if an additional person will be added to the booking.  Cruisin' will book the Spirit of Tasmania for you and charge you the balance along with the remaining rental amount. 

Can I upgrade to a cabin on the Spirit of Tasmania from my Ocean Recliner Seat or Day Ticket?

Yes. You must contact Cruisin’ to inform our staff of an upgrade. If you both choose to sleep in a cabin instead of the Ocean Recliner Seat, you must pay the balance. In order to be provided with accurate upgrade costs, please have the relocation booking reference number ready to quote. 

What is the difference between the day sailing and the night sailing on the S.O.T?

On the availability sheet you will notice that some relocation bookings are marked with (DAY) in the brackets. This refers to a day sailing. These day sailings depart from Melbourne at 9:00 am. The night sailing bookings depart Melbourne at 19:30 in the evening.

Can I change the Spirit of Tasmania sailing dates?

Passengers must board the Spirit with the motorhome on the date specified on booking.Relocations depend on the availability on the Spirit of Tasmania, so once you have locked in a date it cannot be altered.

Will the motorhome come with linen and equipment?

Yes. The motorhome will be equipped with linen and towels, kitchen and living equipment.

How many people can relocate the motorhome?

Due to restrictions, only two passengers may relocate our motorhomes, this applies across all motorhome types including 4 and 6 Berth vehicles.

How do I book the motorhome?

Before you book your relocation, please make yourself aware of the available dates. On booking, you will need to provide us with the below information;

  • The booking reference number of the relocation you are interested in;
  • Your name and contact details;
  • The information of the additional passenger travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry (where applicable). 

Do I pay to a deposit?

To secure your relocation, Cruisin’ takes the entire rental amount on booking and any additional Spirit of Tasmania costs. The security deposit of $1000 is due on collection. The insurance reduction option can be purchased on arrival at our office on the day of collection. 

How much will petrol/diesel cost?

This depends on the vehicle type and kilometres driven. On average, a route from Hobart direct to Brisbane or visa versa will require the following fuel costs; 

  • Discovery & Four Berth - $350 - $400 
  • Sandpiper - $280 - $350 
  • Hi Top - $280 - $350

Where should I stop on my relocation?

There are a number of great places to visit on your relocation. To find out some of our recommended destinations visit our relocation itinerary.

If you have any further questions to booking please contact info@cruisinmotorhomes.com.au. For those that would like to book please contact reservations staff on 1300 664 485.


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