Is 2020 the year of motorhome travel in Australia?

World events in 2020 have put a spotlight on the travel industry. People around the world are rethinking holidays and the way they travel. Air travel, cruise ships, and packed accommodations are ruled out due to safety concerns. Instead, interest is being reignited in domestic tourism. Australia has so much to offer its residents, and travellers are using 2020 as an excuse to explore their backyard.

One of the best ways to take on domestic travel is through motorhome holidays. Self-drive holidays offer both safety from crowds and the freedom to travel.

The Popularity of Motorhomes Increases in 2020

Reports indicate that there has been a significant spike in interest in RV and motorhome travel and self drive holidays are tipped to be the future of travel. It's no surprise, as motorhomes are a great option for safe travelling while maintaining social distancing practices. Tourism Australia and all state tourism bodies believe that domestic tourism will recover first and that motorhome travel will be the leading choice in domestic travel. Domestic travel will be the new norm as there is a rising trend of people wanting to see more of Australia and to support local communities.

We’re witnessing the rebirth of the motorhome industry and we speculate it's here to stay. Once someone has travelled in a motorhome they're converted for life. That's because motorhome travel gives individuals the control they usually don't have during regular holidays. You're not locked into hotel reservations and plane departure times. You get to control where you go, when you go, and how long you stay. If you change your mind, it's as simple as a different turn on the road.

It's also a uniquely peaceful vacation. You'll find time to connect with the wilderness, can sleep under the stars, and spend quiet time with friends or reading a book. A motorhome holiday maintains a good balance of thrill and a laid back vacation. It's the ultimate choose-your-adventure vacation.

Why Choose Motorhome Travel?

Here are some reasons to explore Australia in a motorhome,

  • Motorhomes have a toilet, shower, and a kitchen, so there's no need to use communal facilities.
  • You can cook in your motorhome, so you can limit the number of times you eat out.
  • You can travel to remote and peaceful places and stay for the night at any place you choose without worrying about crowds.
  • You have the freedom to change your plans as you go. You have all the power behind the wheel to stay in an area longer than planned or change routes whenever you wish.
  • Australia has a solid infrastructure for motorhoming across the country, including caravan parks, campsites, dump points, touring routes, and more. There's virtually nowhere in Australia you can't comfortably explore with a site nearby to park your motorhome for the night.
  • Motorhome vacations can range in style and budget. Depending on your travel style, you can choose to stay in luxurious campsites or more simple sites. You can also choose to pay for perks, such as bigger motorhomes with more spaces and add-ons like wi-fi or simple campervans with just the necessities.
  • You can shop for groceries from local stores during your trip, so stocking up food is quick and safe.
  • You can also order packages to be delivered to campsites.
  • Staying connected to friends and family during the trip is easy so that you can communicate from all your travel spots.
  • Vanlife isn't just for millennials anymore; many families are now turning to this option for their summer plans. With more people working remotely, individuals can continue to work from the road while exploring Australia.
  • If you're on a budget, motorhome trips are one of the most cost-effective ways to travel. You save money as you can cook for yourself, don't need to stay in hotels, and don't need to buy a plane ticket.
  • You'll be supporting Australian motorhome companies, caravan parks, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, farmers markets, and communities while on a road trip.

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