Waterfalls Wonders: Exploring The Natural Splendours Near Cairns

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Cairns, nestled in the Tropical North of Queensland, Australia, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and vibrant culture! While the Great Barrier Reef often steals the spotlight, the region's lush rainforests hide plenty of breathtaking waterfalls waiting for you. Read on to discover the most picturesque cascades this tropical paradise offers .


Stoney Creek Falls:  20 min from Cairns

Enjoy a tranquil swim in Stoney Creek Falls’ pristine waters amidst native flora and birdsong. Park your motorhome and enjoy a short walk through the vibrant rainforest, which invites adventurers and families to immerse themselves in nature. This hidden gem is waiting to be explored.

Hike / walk distance : 1km

Suggested time: 30 minutes


stoney creek falls

Stoney Creek Falls, Charlene Manet

Crystal Cascades:  25 min from Cairns

Crystal Cascades is a scenic waterfall with natural pools located just a short road trip from Cairns. This place offers locals and tourists a serene escape surrounded by tropical rainforest. Crystal Cascades provides a cool retreat with well-maintained paths and no entry fee. It is also a perfect destination for a picnic. Luckily, there is plenty of storage and fridge space, so you can bring along your favourite snacks!

Hike / walk distance: 1.2km

Suggested time: 30-40 minutes


Crystal Cascade

Crystal Cascades, Tourism & Events Queensland

Barron falls:  45 min from Cairns  

Barron Falls is a majestic waterfall known for its breathtaking views, especially during the wet season (from November to March in Cairns) when the falls are at their peak flow.  This stunning natural attraction is part of the Barron Gorge National Park and is easily accessible and suitable for people of most ages.

Hike / walk distance: 1km return

Suggested time: 30 minutes


barron falls

Barron Falls lookout


Josephine Falls:  1 hour from Cairns  

With plenty of stunning lookouts and swimming holes, Josephine Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in Wooroonooran National Park near Cairns. If you're keen on a leisurely swim or a slide on the granite rocks,  Josephine Falls is the perfect escape for motorhome renters all year round.

Hike / walk distance: 1.4km loop

Suggested time: 45-60 minutes


Josephine falls

Josephine Falls, Tourism & Events Queensland


Mena Creek Falls: 1 hour 25 minutes from Cairns  

Let’s set off towards one of the best waterfalls in  Cairns! This heritage-listed site offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. Enjoy stunning views and the unique experience of exploring the ruins of Jose Paronella's early 20th-century gardens, which include a castle, picnic areas, and tennis courts.

Hike / walk distance: 1km loop

Suggested time: 30 minutes


Mena creek falls

Mena Creek Falls, Tourism & Events Queensland


Millaa Millaa Falls: 1 hour 40 minutes from Cairns  

Renowned for its classic beauty, Millaa Millaa Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in the North Queensland region. With its single 18-meter drop, breathtakingly clear waters, and serene environment, it is the perfect spot for a refreshing rest during your holiday with Cruisin’ Motorhomes.

Hike / walk distance: 0km – accessible from carpark

Suggested time: 1 minute


Milla milla falls

Millaa Millaa Falls, Tourism & Events Queensland


Ellinjaa Falls: 1 hour 45 minutes from Cairns  

Ellinjaa Falls is another captivating waterfall on the famous Waterfalls Circuit in the Atherton Tablelands. Its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it a must-see waterfall in North Queensland for those seeking a peaceful retreat and a refreshing dip.

Hike / walk distance: 0.4km loop

Suggested time: 15-20 minutes


Ellinjaa falls

Ellinjaa Falls, Tourism & Events Queensland


Millstream Falls: 2 hours from Cairns  

Located near Ravenshoe, south of Cairns, this majestic waterfall is reputed to be Australia's widest single-drop waterfall. It offers a breathtaking display, particularly during the wet season when the water flow is at its peak. Whilst swimming isn't allowed, plenty of hikes fill your day with. The historical trails were used to train Australian troops during World War II, making the park well worth exploring! 

Hike / walk distance: 0.7km return

Suggested time: 25-30 minutes


Millstream falls

Millstream Falls, Charlene Manet


Tully Gorge: 2 hours 15 minutes from Cairns  

Imagine this! You're having a dip in a rockpool with a spectacular view over a densely forested gorge. Experience it for yourself with a motorhome road trip to Tully Gorge!  This hidden gem in North Queensland has a dramatic and gorgeous landscape carved by the Tully River and is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Hike / walk distance: 1.3km

Suggested time: 45 minutes


Tully gorge

Tully Gorge, Charlene Manet


Wallaman Falls: 3 hours 45 minutes from Cairns

Last on our list, experience the power of water up close! Head down the track and uncover Australia's tallest single-drop waterfall, with cascades that drop 268m into an impressive gorge. Wallaman Falls is also part of the traditional lands of the Warrgamaygan Aboriginal people, making it a captivating destination for natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Hike / walk distance: 3.2km

Suggested time:  2 hours


Wallaman falls

Wallaman Falls, Tourism & Events Queensland


It’s Time To Go On An Adventure Around Cairns!

Hit the road with one of our motorhomes or campervans and explore the breathtaking waterfalls of Northern Queensland, where each cascade offers its own unique charm. This region is a paradise for nature lovers, from the secluded swimming spots of Crystal Cascades to the historic allure of Mena Creek Falls and the iconic beauty of Millaa Millaa Falls.

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