Most of our customers are first time travellers in a
motorhome. Motorhoming is a rewarding experience giving you the chance
to pull up wherever takes your fancy and make the most of Australia’s
diverse landscapes. Our traveller’s tips are sure to settle your nerves
and give you confidence to prepare for and enjoy your holiday with us.

  1. Decide What Sort of Holiday You’re Looking For – The
    first step is to decide what sort of holiday you want to experience in
    Australia. Perhaps you’re an adventurer simply looking for a place to
    sleep or you may be partial to the creature comforts of spacious rooms.
    Knowing your type of holiday will ensure that you choose the right motorhome for you.
  2. Research Your Travel Route – Some people are happy to
    throw caution to the wind and hit the open road, letting destiny take
    them wherever it decides. But, if you’re on a more time-constrained
    holiday where planning is required then we recommend doing a bit of
    research. Access our planned itineraries
    to read the most popular travel routes and read reviews or blogs from
    other travellers. If you know what you’re going to do during your
    holiday then it won’t feel as though you rushed.
  3. Book Your Caravan Parks – One of the most frequently
    asked questions we receive is, “should we book our caravan parks”. The
    answer is yes and no. If you’re going to be travelling during school
    holidays, Easter or over the summer season then the answer is YES. Avoid
    disappointment by locking in your powered site months before you
    travel. If it’s during the winter months you have the opportunity to
    wing it a bit more.
  4. Buy a Backpack or Duffle Bag – Suitcases can often be
    heavy and difficult to store in the motorhome. If you have a backpack or
    duffle bag, these will be easier to fold and store in the motorhome
    while you’re travelling.
  5. Watch an Audio Visual Guide – Since it’s your first time
    driving a motorhome you’re probably nervous about how to work all
    facilities on board the motorhome. Cruisin’ has developed audio visual
    guides for first time traveller to watch to ensure peace of mind. These
    guides will be with you through all stages of your holiday offering you a
    step by step explanation of how everything works.
  6. Talk to Friendly Experts – If you have any questions
    about your upcoming holiday don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call
    our friendly reservations team for advice. We’re happy to supply you
    with helpful information on where to park, what to bring and where to
  7. Pack Your Camera – No holiday is complete without an
    album jam-packed with family happy snaps. Travelling with a motorhome
    gives you ample opportunity to snap your loved ones in some of the most
    scenic destinations in Australia.
  8. Confirm Your Flights – If you’re travelling by plane it
    is a good idea to confirm your flights before you arrive at the depot.
    If your flight is delayed or early, our office can update your check in
    time and send you through a new confirmation. This also gives us the
    best opportunity to make sure your vehicle is ready when you arrive.
  9. Pack Your Bag – Depending on where you are visiting in
    Australia, there are a number of things you should always pack in your
    bag. Bring along sun cream, weather-appropriate clothing, any
    medications or special needs equipment. Don’t forget you can always buy
    these items on holidays but it will be less stressful if you’re
  10. Relax! – Most people going on holiday are winding down
    from their hectic everyday lives. Before you leave take some time to
    wind down. Once you hit the freedom of the highway all your daily
    stresses will fly away! Enjoy!