10 Things to Do on Your Australian Christmas

Merry Christmas from Cruisin Motorhomes

Christmas is here – the most wonderful time of the year! If you want to experience Christmas in a true blue Aussie fashion, here are 10 must do’s for Christmas day! We sure know how to get in the Christmas spirit Down Under!

Open the presents under the tree

First thing’s first, the presents! Wake at the crack of dawn and open your gifts under the tree. If you’re camping, put the presents under a real tree and enjoy the experience wilderness-style. The kids will love it!

Eat and Eat… and Eat!

It wouldn’t be a true Australian Christmas without a surplus of food. Perhaps start the day with a pre-breakfast candy cane or two before progressing into breakfast and then a lunch fit for a king. We recommend fresh seafood, plenty of salads, a potato or two and of course the turkey! Don’t forget to follow it up with one of the ultimate Christmas desserts, the trifle or famous pavlova with fresh berries, yum!

Pick your Christmas Cracker partner 

The Christmas crackers are everyone’s favourite at this time of year. Grab the person next to you at the dining table and fight for the win! By the end of the day you’ll have a great collection of rulers, key rings, tape measures, plastic mustaches, golf tees and mini yo-yos.

Don’t forget to wear the Christmas hat 

And let’s not forget the paper Christmas hats that come insider the crackers! Before you tuck into the Christmas feast, don your hat and smile for the annual Christmas lunch photo.

Share the cheesy Christmas jokes 

It wouldn’t be an Australian Christmas without the cheesy jokes courtesy of the cracker. “Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?…. In case he got a hole in one!” 

Enjoy an afternoon post-food nap

When it comes to eating on Christmas Day, it’s best to have the marathon mindset. Take an afternoon nap as a family before progressing onto dinner.

Open the champagne 

Bring in Christmas with a big cheers! Top up everyone’s champagne glasses and welcome in the Christmas spirit.

Complain about eating too much 

If you haven’t said “I’ve eaten too much today”, than you haven’t eaten enough! It’s the one day where everyone can indulge and eat just a bit too much.You can complain about it too.

Watch the Christmas movie special on TV

After a long day of eating, opening presents and chatting with family, settle down on the couch to watch the Australian Christmas Movie special. One of the classics!

Complete a last-minute Christmas lights appreciation drive by 

Just before you go to bed, drive around your neighbourhood to see the twinkling Christmas lights sparkling in all their glory. It only happens once a year so you might as well admire the effort of your neighbours.

Merry Christmas! What’s your favourite Christmas tradition? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

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