5 Must-Do Activities for Your Short Sydney Escape

If you’re planning a road-trip in Australia, don’t hesitate to pencil in at least 24
hours in Sydney, Australia’s most famous metropolis. The city and
surrounds has a myriad of activities, great nightlife and iconic beaches
to explore. Here are 5 must-do activities for your Sydney adventure
that will fit into even the most whirlwind of itineraries!

1. Take a tour of the Sydney Opera House 

A visit to the Sydney Opera House is practically a rite of
passage for travellers visiting Sydney. Most will just grab the iconic
photo from outside the building but a tour will allow you to go beyond
the famous facade and behind the scenes of the country’s most famous
man-made structure. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for amazing views

If you’re not scared of heights and have a taste for
adventure than the Sydney Bridge Climb is just the activity for you.
Book your climb in advance and get ready to experience majestic views of
the harbour from 134 metres above sea level. Image via Wikimedia

3. Lap up the surf culture at Bondi

World renowned Bondi Beach is a must visit, if only to say
you’ve been! The beach itself is the set of a popular local TV series
Bondi Rescue and is famous for its laidback surf vibe. For the ultimate
Bondi encounter, visit during the summer months and take a dip in Bondi
Icebergs overlooking the beach. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

4. Catch the ferry to Manly

The hip and happening suburb of Manly is an easy ferry
ride from Sydney Harbour and offers beautiful views of the Opera House
and bridge as you pass by. This experience is a great way to capture the
perfect photo of the bridge and harbour. Spend the afternoon lost in
the boutique stores of Manly, take a dip at the beach and have a long
and leisurely lunch alfresco at one of the urban cafes.

5. Explore ‘The Rocks’

Nestled under the Sydney Harbour Bridge you will find “The
Rocks”, the oldest area in Sydney and perhaps the most stylish. Spend a
few hours discovering the hidden gems of the area and drinking coffee
at the uber-cool cafes. The area is popular in the evening thanks to its
cutting-edge nightlife and restaurants serving a range of cuisines.
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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