5 Reasons Kids Love Motorhome Adventures

If you’re looking for a holiday that will entertain your
kids all day long, look no further than an on-road campervan adventure
with Cruisin’. Here are 5 reasons why the youngens will love the freedom
and flexibility of travelling by camper in Australia.

1. There is always something new to look at 

On a self-drive Australian adventure there is always
something exciting happening, whether it is a beautiful landscape
speeding by just outside  your window or an unexpected day trip to a
corner of the country you didn’t know existed. The kids will love the
constant distraction of travelling by camper and will always have
something new to stimulate their young and curious minds!

2. They will make new friends

Caravan Parks are famously convenient for meeting new
people and developing life-long friendships. Many of them have great
facilities for kids including playgrounds, game areas and even jumping
cushions. Let your kids play with their new friends while you have some
adult time with their parents. They’ll be within the secure walls of the
caravan park and you won’t have to worry about them going far from

3. It is a new and exciting adventure

How often do kids get to stay in a home on wheels? The
novelty of travelling in a motorhome is entertainment itself for adults
and kids alike. Let them explore the nooks and crannies of the camper
and enjoy their excitement as they experience this new encounter for the
first time.

4. They get to experience the best of the great outdoors

Travelling in a camper means spending quality time out and
about in the Great Outdoors. The kids will love running free in some of
Australia’s prime natural environments, whether it is a beach or in the
middle of the outback. Teach them about the country’s varying
landscapes, wildlife and history.

5. They’ll have all the comforts of home with them

After a long day of running around and exploring, everyone
in the family with have access to home-comforts. Cook the kids dinner
and sit them in front of the on-board television complete with a DVD
player for their favourite movies. Afterwards, tuck them in bed and
enjoy some alone time outside under the stars with a glass of wine.

What are your favourite tips for travelling with kids?