5 Reasons to Relocate the Hi Top Camper from Hobart to Brisbane

With our relocations ready to go, it’s time to book your $5 a day getaway in before it’s too late! Hire our 2-3 Berth Hi-Top Campervan
for $5 a day for 6 days and make the most of this fantastic and
affordable holiday opportunity. Here are 10 reasons why this easy to
drive compact camper is the ideal choice for your whirlwind getaway from
Hobart to Brisbane. Before you book, visit our current availability here and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

1. It’s Easy to Drive

This compact campervan
is a dream to drive, and allows you to comfortably experience
Australia’s scenic coastal roads and endless highways. If it’s your
first relocation, taking a camper is a great way to get a taste for the
Grey Nomad lifestyle.

2. You’ll Have No Trouble Parking

When you hire a motorhome,
it can sometimes be difficult to secure a convenient parking space.
Have no fear! The compact size of the Hi Top campervan means that you
will easily be able to manoeuvre around on your way to Brisbane.

3. The Hi Top has Everything You Need for Comfort

Many might think that just because it’s the smallest of the Cruisin’ fleet,
it is not comfortable! This is simply not true. The Hi Top campervan
has a spacious double bed at its rear as well as a fully equipped
kitchen. You still have all the advantages that allow you to enjoy a
self-contained holiday in Australia.

You’re Still Experiencing an Affordable Holiday

With relocations just $5 a day,
you are still massively saving on the rental rate. Hiring a Hi Top as a
relocation means you are cutting hundreds of dollars off the rental
price. Plus, we cover the cost of the camper and one person to travel on
the Spirit of Tasmania!

5. Enjoy a Room with a View

With the
Hi Top’s light, bright and airy set up you can make the most of
Australia’s spectacular natural attractions on your way up the coast.
Pull over, open your back door and watch as the sun sets from the
comfort of your dining table. There really is no better way to see

Don’t forget to take a photo or two along the way to entire into our Cruisin’ Photo Competition!