5 Reasons Travelling By Camper Should be Your Next Holiday

Imagine waking up to waves lapping just outside your front
door with the sun rising over the ocean and the shores of an isolated
bay only moments away. This is exactly what you can wake up to if you
travel by camper on your next holiday.  Here’s why you should go by
camper the next time you’re due for an adventure.

1. You will have the ultimate freedom and flexibility

If you’re more of a dreamer than a planner as most of us
are, camper hire is your ideal holiday. The hardest part of organising
the holiday is deciding which campervan rentals
to choose, rather than where you will stay each night and how long
you’ll spend in each destination. When you’re on the road you can make
it up as you go and if you stumble upon somewhere that you love, stay
another night without having to change your plans or cancel any
bookings. When you hire a campervan you have the ultimate freedom to
plan as you go and you’ll make the most of your precious holiday time.

2. You can have a once-in-a-lifetime paddock to plate experience

up at the farm gate and stock your fridge and cupboards with freshly
plucked vegetables. Then pay a visit to the local fish punt where just
moments before the local fisherman provided fresh catch of the day. When
you’re out on the road, you will stumble across some of Australia’s
finest food and wine producers and you have the golden opportunity to
store it as you go. Bypass restaurants and fast-food and prepare your
own freshly purchased delights right inside your motorhome. Then, simply
serve it up and enjoy it in a location of your choice. No one will be
rushing you out the door and you have all the time in the world to
savour the flavour of Aussie’s finest.

3. You can escape other holiday-goers and simply enjoy some alone time

Just as hiring a camper can introduce you to lifelong
friends, it is also a great way to enjoy some much-needed alone time
away from holiday crowds. Australia is a vast country offering plenty of
space for you to pull up and enjoy being immersed in the wilderness
surrounded by only the occasional hiss of a possum or chirp of a bird.  

4. You can simply drive

If you believe that it’s the journey not the destination
that matters then a camper hire holiday is for you. Once you hit the
road, hundreds of kilometres will pass you by and the freedom of the
on-road drive experience is exhilarating. Instead of racing up the
popular highway to get to your next destination, why not take the scenic
route? Who knows, maybe you’ll find some hidden gems along the way.

5. You can enjoy home comforts as you experience new things

The advantage of going by camper means that each night after
exploring new destinations you can return to a home on wheels. All
campers come equipped with a kitchen, living area and comfortable beds
so you will feel as though you are right at home.